Student Environmental Initiative: “Even small things can make a big difference!”

Doing something good for Mother Earth - that is the goal of the Student Environmental Initiative Hof e.V. (SUI). Through various activities, workshops and lectures, the total of 50 members want to contribute a small part to making the university but also the city of Hof a little more environmentally friendly, because sustainability plays a central role in the SUI. [more]

published: 06.05.2022

Leisure activities: Cultural, culinary and sporting – Hof has a lot to offer!

Having fun with your fellow students after lectures and simply switching off from everyday student life - no problem in Hof, because there is so much on offer in the city on the Saale - whether culinary, cultural, sporting or simply to relax. We at have summarized our top 10 best leisure activities in Hof for you. [more]

published: 04.05.2022

Award for digitization and research in university teaching

During this year's Dies Academicus, on April 25, 2022, the Society of Friends and Sponsors of Hof University of Applied Sciences awarded prizes to the winners of the "Digital Awakening of Teaching" award for 2020 and 2021 and also presented a special research prize for 2021. [more]

published: 29.04.2022

Studierende der Hochschule Hof besuchen Startup myriad an der Uni Bayreuth

Über den Tellerrand schauen, Inspiration tanken und die regionale Startup-Szene kennenlernen und vernetzen. Das war einer der Leitgedanken der Exkursion einer Gruppe von Studierenden der Hochschule Hof beim Startup myriad an der Uni Bayreuth, die vom Startuplab und dem Digitalen Gründerzentrum Einstein1 organisiert wurde. [more]

published: 28.04.2022

meet & eat: a new event-series to whet students’ appetites for founding a company

"Meet & Eat - Start-up your Career" - this is the name of the new event series that the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1, the Careerservice of Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Startuplab have launched. The goal: To present the wide range of offers for founders and people interested in founding a company to the students of our university - and more than that! [more]

published: 28.04.2022

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche advises the Saxon state government on digitization

Dr. Thomas Meuche, Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Hof University of Applied Sciences, is now advising the Free State of Saxony on digitization and the organization of the public sector. For this purpose, he has been appointed to the scientific advisory board of the Strategy Commission Organization and Personnel of the Saxon state government. [more]

published: 25.04.2022