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“Giving with heart and mind” – the gift trees at Hof University!

For the 9th time, university chaplains Rudolf Koller and Sebastian Schiller invite students at Hof University of Applied Sciences to participate in a gift tree campaign that benefits the weaker members of society. In an interview with “campuls-digital”, they explain exactly how the campaign works.

The gift trees at the two Hof universities are an invitation to do good; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Mr. Koller, Mr. Schiller: Where can you find the “Gift Trees” and what is the goal of your campaign?

“The Gift Trees are located in the two Hof universities, which means specifically: in the foyer of the Bavarian Civil Service University (HföD), in the entrance area of the refectory, as well as in the foyer of the Hof University of Applied Sciences at the main entrance in building A and in front of the cafeteria in building B.

From the beginning, we wanted to use this campaign to draw attention to the fact that Christians – especially at Christmas – should look beyond their own horizons. The focus is on the weak in our society who do not belong to the privileged class of those who can work and study at universities. The response to our campaign was and still is enormous from all sides! Every year so far we have been able to deliver mountains of gifts to those in need.”

Hanging on the tree are cards…

“Yes – lots of them! We have again asked many social institutions of Hof and the children’s home in Münchberg(see list below), with what we can make their clientele a little Christmas joy. We have printed the respective wishes on cards and hung them on the individual gift trees with the help of students”

The cards contain many small Christmas wishes; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

How exactly does the principle work – where can people drop off the gifts?

“The principle was and is very simple

Take off the little cards, buy the gift, wrap it and hand it in with the respective little card at the gate of the HföD or the Hof University of Applied Sciences!”

The pastors Rudolf Koller and Sebastian Schiller

The campaign will end on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, on which day we will hand over the gifts to the representatives of the individual institutions during an ecumenical devotion, hopefully bringing much joy!”

Very nice! What else can people do to support your work?

“Many things! One example: We are also collecting monetary donations to purchase medicine for the Matema Hospital in Tanzania as part of the “Andi Fürch Project” and would be happy to receive support for this from the Hof universities as well.”

Thank you!

This year, the gifts will go to the following organizations

  • Hofer Tafel e.V.
  • Child and youth welfare of the Diakonie Münchberg
  • Schutzhöhle e.V
  • Christmas magic” campaign of Diakonie Hochfranken e.V
  • Thomas Breit House
  • International Girls’ and Women’s Center EJSA Hof und Umgebung e.V
  • Women’s emergency hotline Hof
  • Train station mission Hof
  • Christmas campaign for the needy of the catholic parish Bernhard Lichtenberg Hof

Rainer Krauß

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