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Dance into May: festivals and events in the Hofer Land around the 1st of May

Here in Upper Franconia, the first of May is not only celebrated as “Labor Day”. The first of May is a day full of traditions and customs here.

For example, have you ever heard of the traditional maypole the ft? Around the first of May, there is a competition between different communities in the countryside. In elaborately planned “raids”, mostly the rural youth of the villages steal each other’s maypoles. As a reward, the thieves are usually given beer and a “gscheite Brotzeit”.

The maypole is the centerpiece of the May traditions; Source: Pixabay

Another custom is the dance into May. On the evening of April 30, the so-called “Witches’ Night” or also “Walpurgis Night,” large fires are often lit in many places. The “broom burning” takes place to drive away evil spirits. But even without fires, people dance into May in pubs and discos; after all, almost everyone is off work on Labor Day.

The broom burning in the night before May 1 takes place to banish evil spirits; source: Pixabay;

This is also the reason why on the first of May sometimes the Bollerwägen are packed and together with friends a May hike to the next festival is started.

Also with us in the Hofer country there are numerous celebrations and meetings, which should not be missed around the 1st May. We have listed some of them for you:

Dance into May – Saturday, April 30th

Konradsreuth, Bürgerpark

From 16:00 clock begins the festivities. At 17:00 follows the maypole erection. Afterwards you can celebrate with good music, food and drinks until late at night. A heated marquee is available.

Feilitzsch, fire station

Also here it goes starting from 16 o’clock round. The May Day celebration begins with the traditional erection of the maypole, followed by a party – with light music, a bar and a bouncy castle for the little ones.

Trogen, Bürgerpark

Starting at 5 p.m., the Bürgerpark Trogen is all about May Day celebrations. Here, too, there will be dancing, drinking and eating all evening long to greet the first of May in a native manner.

The fire departments or Landjugenden of the communities are usually responsible for setting up the maypole; source: Pixabay;

Schwarzenbach Saale, Soli area

In Schwarzenbach an der Saale, on the Soli grounds, the traditional maypole festival will take place again this year. But not only that – at the Walpurgis fire, the evil spirits are also driven out of the town. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Armin Jäger. It starts at 17 o’clock.

Rehau, inn Hygienischer garden

The burning of the broom on Walpurgis Night is also formally celebrated in the town of Rehau. From 6 p.m. you can dance around the fire to live music by “Timeless”.

Selb, fairground in front of the Porzellanikon

One of the largest fires in the region will be held on April 30 in Selb (Wunsiedel district). There will be two fires burning on the fairground in front of the Porzellanikon. A small one for the children. This is already ignited at 18.30 o’clock and a large one, which is lit at 19 o’clock. In addition to classic May punch, there will of course also be food, drinks, a good atmosphere and live music.


Their old place of activity was the small village of Jehsen. Now the Landjugend Reuthlas with its legendary May festival has moved, namely to Wölbersbach. However, the celebration is still the same at the traditional Tanz in den Mai (Dance into May). It starts at 20 o’clock. So out with the Dirndln and leather pants, because the Trachtenrocker heats up the party people so properly. Gin, Gaasmaß and delicious cocktails await you at the big bar. Admission costs 8 euros.

Rockwerk, Silberberg Hof

If you prefer electronic beats, you should visit the Rockwerk at the Silberberg in Hof to dance into May. Here, too, the first of May is celebrated with Lola’s “Zentrifugal” – the party where the DJ stands in the middle of the celebrating crowd. The party starts at 10 pm.

May celebrations – Sunday, May 1

Wölbattendorf, fairground

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the May Festival takes place in Wölbattendorf, a district of Hof. Maypole erection, festivities and a children’s program are on the agenda.

Feilitzsch, fire station

There will also be a celebration in Feilitzsch. It starts at 10.30 o’clock with a comfortable morning pint, from 11 o’clock the festivity begins with music of Hans & Karl-Heinz, folk dance demonstration of the country youth Zedtwitz, music performance of the trombone choir Trogen and demonstration of the ZV children (3-6 years)

Courtyard, Siedlerhaisla at Wiesentalweg

Starting at 10 a.m., the Hof-Wiesental Settlers’ Association also celebrates its May festival, including the setting up of the maypole.

Hof, Moschendorf fire station

The Moschendorf associations do not let themselves be deprived of celebrating. From 11 o’clock the first May is celebrated here duly.

Courtyard, Hotel Munzert

Also the community of interests Krötenbruck celebrates the first of May. It starts at 11 o’clock with a festive service, then it goes seamlessly into the festivities. Live music comes from Bernd and Bine Günther. For the Leibliche well-being is in the best way ensured.

Oberkotzau, town hall

And if you haven’t had enough yet, you can also visit the maypole festival in Oberkotzau. It starts also here at 11 o’clock.

So you see – on the first of May there is really a lot going on in Hof and the surrounding area. So out with the Bollerwägen and off goes the hike to one or more May festivals in the region.

Franziska Brömel

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