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Now we’re talking! – The machines at Hof University: The Agilista 3200! (Episode 1)

People are usually at the center of everything we do. But there are also important supporters who help employees and scientists with their work: The machines at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

We want to let them talk now. Because they are actually quite lively and when they talk about their life on campus, it can be quite funny. You could say that they have a different perspective on what goes on at our university. That’s why we’ll be giving machines from the various areas and departments a chance to have their say here. In other words: our “fancy lab stuff” is allowed to say something!

We start our series with a new addition to the MakerSpace, brought to Hof University of Applied Sciences by René Göhring…

Who are you? Please introduce yourself briefly

“Hello and good afternoon everyone! My name is Agilista 3200 and I belong to the family of 3D printers. More precisely, the Keyence family. I’m still quite young and have only been in Hof with René Göhring here at Makerspace for a year. My friends – and I count René among them – call me Optimus Prime, which you probably know from the Transformer films. I’m a bit proud of that.”

Optimus, I hope I can call you that too, what is your job? What are you particularly good at?

“You’re welcome to call me Optimus. My job and also my greatest talent is creating very high-resolution components from liquid resin or, if necessary, liquid silicone. I’m currently working on models of geckos, as you can see in the photo.”

How does René deal with you?

“I felt very comfortable from day one. I am very well looked after and also treated very well. I particularly like my new name, which I only got in Hof. Of course, René had to get used to me first, I already have my own ideas. For example, I always ask very explicitly whether my construction space is really free when a new job starts – safety is my top priority.”

What do the students do with you?

“They let me work for them and are always totally impressed by how quickly and in what quality I generate or print components. I’m currently working for a large corporation, but I’m not allowed to talk about that, it’s top secret.”

It would be better if …..

“… I would have someone else from the family next to me. We have a lot of work, it would be good to have another brother or sister here.”

What was it like when you first started working here in Hof? What do you remember?

“The first part was a test print from the Keyence technician who put me into operation here in Hof. It wasn’t that exciting, you just have to get through it. The first part for Hof was then better: we created another figure of the Hof Wärschtlamo, which was a really successful first project here in the MakerSpace. The figure is completely transparent, looks almost like glass and if you put a light source behind it, it looks really chic. René also wants to polish it, so we’ll see when he finally does that.”

Are you happy at your new place of work? Strictly speaking, it’s a cage here in the machine hall.

“Well, to be honest, I was really worried about that at first, but René was so sensitive and put me with my back to the bars so that I had a clear view into the room and also outside. Many thanks to René at this point. But I also understand that the cage has its purpose, I’m more protected with all the other machines and material, so that’s okay.”

Where have your brothers and sisters ended up?

“We work all over the world, in the private sector for prototypes, as contract manufacturers and also at other universities. But there aren’t that many of us, so I was really lucky to be an exception: I have to say, the days with the young people here are very varied.”

Next to you is the BigRep, which means …..

“… a lot to me: at eye level with such a large format printer, not everyone has that, we also get on really well…”

You may not have eyes, but …..

“… I see a very bright future ahead of me.”

How long do you expect to stay at Makerspace?

“As long as René is by my side, I’ll definitely stay….”

Thank you very much for the interview!

Anne-Christine Habbel

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