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Inquiry: How public is the Hof University of Applied Sciences?

As a university with almost 500 employees and around 3,800 students, we repeatedly receive feedback that it is not known that you can “just walk into” the university buildings as a citizen or take a stroll around the campus – even if you are not a student. As a rule, our external guests have a private or professional interest in coming to us.

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We are a public institution and the buildings on the Hof campus are open to visitors, usually during the day, as closing times apply in the evening. In concrete terms, this means that you can take part in events hosted by the university in the region: This could be the Europe Forum, the Night of Science – both formats intended for all interested parties – the Contacta and the Entrepreneur Exchange for pupils, students and companies, lectures by the individual institutes on specific specialist topics for specialists and project partners from industry, the IT managers’ meeting, the meetings of the Frauen.Stärken.Hof network or even – as recently – the first New Year’s Lecture. Almost all events are free of charge. Incidentally, you can also often find out when Hof University of Applied Sciences is looking for corporate partners for projects. In most cases, the events also take place with our partner organizations. Speakers are always welcome! Information about the events can be obtained via the following social media channels:

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University library

You can also borrow books and literature from the library as an external user. The Hof University of Applied Sciences library is a public lending library. Guest users aged 16 and over are issued with a guest card, which allows them to borrow media, on presentation of a valid identity document and a completed user application form. Registration form for guest users. You can check in advance whether the book or medium you are looking for is available in the library catalog.

Did you know that you can also take courses with us? You don’t have to be a full-time student, but can choose certain modules, such as language courses, and take part in them for a fee: Language Center – Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Study from anywhere

Of course, there are also other degree courses: Beruf plus Studium – Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Bachelor’s degree courses in Digital Economy and Digital Administration as well as the certificate courses – Hof University of Applied Sciences. Participants can flexibly book everything from individual modules and certificates to Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees based on our modular system. The courses take place online or hybrid and can therefore be attended from any location. We are aimed at all those who want to study or continue their education flexibly and while working, as well as those without a formal university entrance qualification (completed relevant vocational training and at least 3 years of professional experience).

Eating and drinking on campus

Oh yes, there is also the option of eating in the canteen on campus. Here you can pay without cash and the card for this is available in the canteen in advance. The card is also valid for the terrace next to our biotope. Oh yes, and don’t forget our small Italian restaurant (CAFETERIA D’Angelo). It’s a great place to strike up a casual conversation with staff and professors who, for example, dine there in the evening. Our regular daily visitors are also well aware that the grounds are open to the public – the dog owners. You often see them on campus with their dogs on a leash, as the signs on the grounds say. Even more often you will only see the campus cat, which is also inside the buildings. So, feel free to join them and remember: some students stood in awe in front of the building at the beginning, but this quickly subsided.

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Anne-Christine Habbel

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