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Upper Franconia Foundation promotes: Hof University builds online twin of a public authority

Joy at Hof’s Eichelberg: Hof University of Applied Sciences receives a grant of EUR 530,000 from the Upper Franconia Foundation. The funds will go toward a new type of research project that will investigate and advance the digitization of public authorities. The aim is to establish a center for digitization at the university and develop exemplary solutions for administrations.

We would like to create the digital twin of a German public authority in the next 5 years.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche

On the one hand, this image should serve applied research, but on the other hand, it should also serve teaching. “We want to build a best-practice authority for research, whereby this is not just about technical aspects, but also about organizational aspects,” Prof. Dr. Meuche continued.

Reducing the digital divide

In addition, the development of solutions in the future will also address the very important issue of the digital divide, i.e., how to give as many citizens as possible access to the digital offerings of public administration. Teaching in the courses of study in administrative informatics, digital administration and digital transformation is to be carried out in subsequent years, at least in part, in the planned, digital twin, in order to achieve greater practical relevance for students.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

With this project, Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Upper Franconia Foundation strengthen their research profile and create a direct benefit for public authorities and citizens.

Rainer Krauß

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