Smart City Hof project: Virtual urban planning by citizens!

Bringing people closer to digitalization and the many opportunities it offers - that is the aim of the Hof district's Smart City model project. The Smart City team is currently working together with Hof University of Applied Sciences on a virtual reality (VR) application. [more]

published: 02.05.2024

Virtual education and training: When VR goggles help repair electrical appliances..

With "VR2epair", a new and exciting project at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) recently celebrated its kick-off. The focus is on training supported by virtual reality, or more precisely: the repair of household electrical appliances. Project leader Prof. Dr. René Peinl explains in an interview with "campuls-digital" what exactly this is all about. [more]

published: 26.10.2023

New possibilities: Companies can benefit from AI user center at iisys

The modern world is becoming increasingly complex, and humans need ever better support from computers to deal with the wealth of information. The Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iisys) is now founding an AI user center that will also benefit companies in the future. [more]

published: 15.10.2021

Hof University of Applied Sciences optimizes Nordhalben local heating network

The Nordhalben local heating network is soon to work more intelligently and effectively. This is being ensured by a joint research project of Hof University of Applied Sciences and Bioenergie Nordhalben eG together with ENERPIPE GmbH and HDG Bavaria GmbH. In addition, network customers will be able to call up their consumption data in real time in the future and receive individual incentives for savings [more]

published: 06.10.2021

“Moonrise” project launched: Innovative IT solutions for the work of the future

With a kick-off event at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys), a large-scale research project will start at Hof University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday (15.09.2021). It deals with the development of production-related IT systems for the region and thus aims to influence digitization processes in the working world of the future. [more]

published: 13.09.2021

Computer voices – hardly distinguishable from the human original!

Especially for visually impaired people, computer applications that read texts aloud are already a great help in everyday life. The Institute for Information Systems is conducting a study to research the acceptance of artificially generated voices and is developing its own models. [more]

published: 30.03.2021