Economics: “Digitalization and IT technologies in practice”

In the modules "Digital Infrastructure and Internet Technologies in Practice" from the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and "Applied Research Digitalization and IT Technologies" from the Master's degree in Digital Business Management, students gained valuable practical experience in the field of digitalization and project management in the winter semester 2023/24. [more]

published: 08.03.2024

What does the new Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) do?

Hof University of Applied Sciences continues to expand its research. Since the end of last year, the Institute for Economic and Organizational Research (iwo) has for the first time given the large business department its own research institute. Prof. Dr. Jens Kirchner talks about the background and tasks of the "iwo" in an interview. [more]

published: 08.03.2024

New Start-up hub: Upper Franconian universities are the region’s start-up engines

Promoting committed students with an interest in start-ups, qualifying them for entrepreneurship and innovation and thus enriching the regional start-up ecosystem - this is what the start-up hub Upper Franconia - GO! It will be launched in November 2023 at the Universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth and the Universities of Applied Sciences in Coburg and Hof. [more]

published: 15.11.2023

Keeping more foreign skilled workers in the region – How can this succeed?

High Franconian companies, directors of international master's degree programs at Hof University of Applied Sciences, and other representatives from society, politics, and the university met at Hof University of Applied Sciences to exchange ideas about employment opportunities for foreign specialists and, in particular, graduates of Hof University of Applied Sciences in companies in the region. [more]

published: 17.10.2022

“New Work” – Corona acts as a decision accelerator for companies

The world of work is currently changing in Germany at an unprecedented speed thanks to the Corona pandemic, and long-delayed projects are being implemented. This is the result of a study conducted by the European Management Institute at Hof University of Applied Sciences (emi e.V.). [more]

published: 23.01.2021