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Economics: “Digitalization and IT technologies in practice”

In the modules “Digital Infrastructure and Internet Technologies in Practice” from the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and “Applied Research Digitalization and IT Technologies” from the Master’s degree in Digital Business Management under the direction of Prof. Dr. Brautsch and Prof. Dr. Hilmer, the students gained valuable practical experience in the field of digitalization and project management in the winter semester 2023/24.

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Together with seven companies (WARGITSCH, WK IT, BMW, Burgbad, Rehau, Schöffel and ConceptNet) from the business world, the students worked on various topics in mixed teams of Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The aim was to put theoretical knowledge from their studies into practice with the project client and to implement a project under real conditions.

The self-organized teams also gave the students the opportunity to put their soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and conflict resolution to the test and develop them further.

Special and relieving moments were the consistently good feedback from our lecturer and the practical company as well as seeing that the long preparation pays off and the finished results are there at the end.”

Student team consisting of Susanne Ludwig, Benjamin Veits (Bachelor of Business Administration students) and Sharareh Maleki and Denise Bohrisch (Master of Digital Business Management)
The student team from left: Denise Bohrisch, Benjamin Veits, Susanne Ludwig, Sharareh Maleki and Michael Urban (Project supervisor); Image: Wargitsch;

One specific topic dealt with the “Integration of current AI tools/processes in management consultancy using the example of the management consultancy WARGITSCH”, on which four students worked together with the client based in Pfaffenhofen. At the beginning of the project phase, a company visit took place in Pfaffenhofen, where the focus was on a personal exchange. This meeting was helpful in getting to know the corporate culture.

“We gained a good and inspiring insight into the company and also received new inspiration and additional offers to expand our knowledge.

Denise Bohrisch

In the project itself, the students dealt with the AI megatrend and created an AI service catalog for the company with 21 different AI tools and a corresponding eLearning course to train employees at WARGITSCH.

“I enjoy dealing with these promising topics such as AI.

Susanne Ludwig

In addition, a blog entry on “AI and digital ethics: the responsible use of the game changer” was created in collaboration with the practice partner, which also includes an interview with Prof. Dr. Peinl, Head of the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

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