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Bavarian university chancellors once again guests at Hof University of Applied Sciences

Building and human resources, budgetary issues and a variety of votes on Bavarian higher education policy – the topics at the conference of chancellors of Bavarian universities of applied sciences are traditionally diverse. Now, at the invitation of Dagmar Pechstein, Chancellor of Hof University of Applied Sciences, the group met for the two-day annual conference in the Saale city.

The Bavarian university chancellors; Pictured, from left: Bottom: Birgit Augustin (Deggendorf University of Technology) Claudia Döring (Nuremberg University of Music), Sabine Hock (Aschaffenburg University of Technology), Oliver Heller, (Rosenheim University of Technology), host Dagmar Pechstein (Hof University of Applied Sciences); 2nd row: Peter Endres (Regensburg University of Technology, Eastern Bavaria), Andrea Gerlach-Newman (Nuremberg University of Technology), Dr. Karla Sichelschmidt (Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences), Dr. Johann Rist (Landshut University of Applied Sciences); 3rd row, top: Dr. Esther Schnetz (Ansbach University of Applied Sciences), Marcus Dingel (Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences), Dr. Matthias Kaiser (Coburg University of Applied Sciences), Wolfram Frhr. von Haxthausen (Catholic Foundation University of Munich), Kurt Füglein (Nuremberg Protestant University of Applied Sciences), Christian Müller (Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences), Stefan Hartmann (Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences); Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Chancellors at German universities are called heads of university administration. They are the supervisors of the non-academic staff and in this role are responsible for the budget, real estate, legal and other administrative tasks of a university

Higher education innovation law is a topic

The fact that there were enough topics to discuss at the 2021 annual conference in Hof was self-evident, especially this year: “In particular, the planned new start after the pandemic naturally also creates a lot of need for regulation and coordination on the administrative side at the universities. In addition, the upcoming changes due to the Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act and the conversion to double-entry bookkeeping were on the agenda of the meeting,” said Hof’s university chancellor Dagmar Pechstein, who had invited her colleagues to the Saale city for the third time after 2005 and 2012. She leaves office at the beginning of next year.

Naturally, many questions about Bavarian higher education policy were on the agenda of the participants

Coping with rising student numbers also continues to be a major challenge for Bavarian universities, which is reflected in job planning, budgeting and construction measures.

Dagmar Pechstein, Chancellor of Hof University of Applied Sciences

More than 127,000 students are currently enrolled at Bavarian universities of applied sciences (17 state and two church institutions)

The program of the Bavarian University Chancellors’ Conference was rounded off by a visit to the Untreusee lake in Hof

Rainer Krauß

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