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Changeover launched: New corporate design integrated bit by bit

Many may have already caught sight of it: Hof University of Applied Sciences recently got a new logo, which can already be seen on our website. It is part of a new corporate design that is now being implemented step by step. In addition to the university, Hof University’s research institutes and competence centers have also each received a new logo.

The strategic further development of Hof University of Applied Sciences did not lead past a further development of the old logo and corporate design. Thus, the three colors (red, yellow, blue), which were already used in the old university logo and represented three faculties there, were refreshed and supplemented by another color. As a greentech university, Hof University of Applied Sciences knew that the fourth color could only be a fresh shade of green.

Unlike the old design, the colors now no longer represent faculties

The focus of our faculties is on increasing interdisciplinarity in teaching. If all disciplines are strategically intertwined, they should not be visually separated from each other either

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann

The new corporate design of Hof University of Applied Sciences takes up this idea: In the animated university logo, the proportions of the colors change dynamically. In addition, the color areas are superimposed in the design and thus form interfaces – similar to the different disciplines of teaching. All the logos of Hof University of Applied Sciences fit together to form a harmonious overall image, as they are based on the same grid. Another visually striking feature is that each logo is given a black square. This unifying element highlights the affiliation of the institutes, competence centers and projects to Hof University of Applied Sciences.

There is still a lot of work to be done before the new design has been adapted in all areas. Another goal in the context of the strategic orientation is to also modernize our website visually and functionally. In any case, one can be curious and look forward to a modern appearance of our Hof University of Applied Sciences!

Rainer Krauß

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