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The work in the ii.oo project: What will the exam room of the future look like?

At the end of October, the hybrid event “Let’s Talk:Campus” took place, organized by the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung and the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre. More than 45 program items dealt with topics related to the campus of the future, new (digital) spaces and student participation.

The project “Implementing digital competency-based testing – ii.oo” aims to develop good practices for digital and competency-based testing; Source: Fauxels, Plattform: Pexels; CC0.Hochschule Hof;

Hof University of Applied Sciences contributed to this project in a workshop entitled “Spaces for also digital examinations”. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, Olga Gribanova, Silvia Kieling and André Rister as speakers discussed with about 35 participants from all over Germany about the future of higher education – with a focus on spaces for competence-oriented testing.

Requirements for examination rooms

Among the topics discussed were whether the lecture room is suitable as an examination room at all, what equipment will be needed or desired in the future, and how rooms will have to adapt to competency-based, digital or hybrid examinations. Participants went into individual breakout sessions, designing a room of the future for three selected exam scenarios: a written exam, a digital exam, and a team presentation.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, Olga Gribanova, Silvia Kieling and André Rister represented Hof University of Applied Sciences at “Let’s Talk: Campus”; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

In addition to input on competency orientation and current forms of examination, the participants were given insights into newly designed examination rooms and further planning at Hof University of Applied Sciences, as well as an outlook on virtual rooms

“Do examination rooms really still have to be in presence in the future or can the space be extended with new technologies and digital possibilities?” – an exciting question that Hof University of Applied Sciences will address as part of the project extension of the project “Implementing digital competence-oriented examination – ii.oo”. The goal of the ii.oo project is to develop good practices for digital and competency-based testing. The project is being carried out by a total of nine Bavarian universities of applied sciences. It builds on the state of research on the didactics and implementation of digital face-to-face and online examinations and also integrates the experiences from the Corona semesters

Silvia Knieling

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