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4000 students for the first time- Hof University of Applied Sciences continues to grow

The Hof University of Applied Sciences is starting the new winter semester 2022/23 with almost 1,000 first-semester students, thus continuing its growth course. A total of around 4000 students are now enrolled at the Hof, Münchberg, Kronach and Selb campuses (plus 5%). This is the highest level since the university was founded. The growth comes primarily from international master’s programs, but also from innovative new programs in the bachelor’s area.

A lot going on at the events held as part of the introduction days: almost 1000 first-semester students start the winter semester 2022/23; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

“The demand for international and English-language master’s degree programs remains high. Their attractiveness and the internationalization strategy of our university ensure that Hof University of Applied Sciences can continue its growth course despite some adverse conditions of the present and that we are on the threshold of 4000 students for the first time. It is also gratifying to see how the newly structured and modular Bachelor’s degree programs in particular are being accepted,” said University President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann in a first reaction. This time, offers from the fields of computer science and engineering in particular met with great interest. In the latter, school graduates were able for the first time to put together a course of study tailored to their individual needs through a course generator, which nevertheless fulfills all the competencies of a modern and future-oriented education. “We have created a model here that has not only been very well received, but which can also serve as an example for other areas of our teaching,” said the university president.

Newly structured introductory days at the start

The new students at Hof University of Applied Sciences are now welcomed to Hof as part of the introductory days and provided with a wide range of information about the university, subjects and campus. The program for the first-semester students was redesigned in advance, also under student leadership, putting the students at the center and intensifying the networking of the various student groups. In addition, the new students will be invited by the city of Hof to a welcome event at the Hof ice pond on October 6. During bus tours through the city, the freshmen will get to know their new place of study.

Rainer Krauß

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