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Excellent support: Hof University leads Bavaria in terms of regular graduates

At no other university in Bavaria do graduates stay within the expected standard period of study in percentage terms as frequently as at Hof University of Applied Sciences. This is shown by figures from the Bavarian State Office for Statistics. According to these, Hof University of Applied Sciences achieved first place among Bavarian universities for the most recently analyzed year 2019, after already achieving very good results in previous years

Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

One-third of the students enrolled at Hof University of Applied Sciences take no longer than the standard period of study stipulated for their degree programs, and a total of two-thirds graduate after only one additional semester. This is the best rate among Bavarian universities, where the average number of students graduating within the standard period of study is 20%

This is a top result that we are very pleased about. It clearly speaks for the excellent and very personal support of our students by teachers and university staff. The young people at Hof are not just serial numbers, but individual personalities whom we support and challenge in the best possible way.”

University President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann

The indicator of graduates in regular study time is not only a good indicator for the study decision of high school graduates. It also serves as an assessment criterion for the Bavarian Ministry of Science’s load- and performance-related allocation of funds, which is used annually to reward particularly successful universities

Good results also for third-party funding and appointments of women

A second parameter for this allocation of funds is the third-party funds acquired, i.e. financial contributions from third parties that flow into research and teaching. Here, too, Hof University of Applied Sciences recorded an excellent result: while third-party funding in Bavaria had increased by approximately 45% since 2015, Hof University of Applied Sciences achieved a growth of 89% in the same period. “We were able to triple our third-party funding in both continuing education and federal programs in just 2 years. Private funding has also more than doubled. The current engagement of our faculty and the institutes indicates that these are not short term effects, but that there may be a sustained flow of funds. This also contributes to a very good development of our university”, says university president Prof. Lehmann. Hof University of Applied Sciences receives equally good scores when it comes to appointing women to teaching positions. Here, a total of three female professors were engaged in 2019.

Rainer Krauß

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