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Fit for business on the Internet: Information about the e-commerce joint study program

Since 2019, Hof University of Applied Sciences has been offering the e-commerce joint study program in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia and the Lichtenfels Vocational School. To get young people and companies excited about it, a “Lunch Talk” with representatives of the participating institutions will take place on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 12:30 pm. The one-hour online event will also focus on testimonials from successful graduates of the dual study program.

Shopping on the Internet has received a massive boost, especially during the Corona crisis; image: pixabay;

E-commerce has been ubiquitous since the Corona crisis at the latest. Sales of delivered goods exploded last year, and even groups of people who never shopped online before the pandemic were introduced to the topic. “For e-commerce, the pandemic has been and continues to be a massive accelerator, as Corona is likely to have permanently changed the shopping behavior of entire generations. In any case, job prospects remain very good for employees in this sector,” said Prof. Dr. Franz Xaver Boos, Hof University’s representative for dual study programs

Together with our partners, we have created an attractive offer for companies and students.

Prof. Dr. Franz-Xaver Boos

The event “Compound study e-commerce – opportunities also for SMEs” is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized enterprises that are interested in selling their goods via the Internet. “Among others, these can also be small craft enterprises that may not have currently taken any major steps in this direction, but would like to open up this business field,” says Prof. Boos

A wide range of opportunities

Students are currently being trained as e-commerce clerks at the vocational school in Lichtenfels and will then transfer to Hof University of Applied Sciences. Possible courses of study there include business administration, business law, industrial engineering or various computer science courses. In business administration, the training can be perfectly combined with the focus on digital business.

First-hand information

In addition to providing information about the degree program itself and its processes, the Lichtenfels Vocational School, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia and the Hof University of Applied Sciences also want Georg Sebald, a graduate of the combined degree program, to have his say. He has been a department manager in store management at BAUR Versand in Altenkunstadt for three years. “Experience already shows that the dual study program can also bring high returns for the participating companies. We would like to pass on this experience to others,” says Max Josef Weismeier, head of training at BAUR Versand, who will also be available to answer questions at the online event.

Registration and participation

For the on-line meeting ?compound study E-Commerce – chances also for KMU? one should register under dual@hof-university.de. Access is available at https://hof-university.zoom.us/j/99140805978. The access links can also be found on the Hof University of Applied Sciences website.

Rainer Krauß

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