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FRAUEN.STÄRKEN.HOF gets to know the voice from the radio: Visit to the BR studio

She has been the voice of Bayerischer Rundfunk in the region since 2003: Annerose Zuber, BR correspondent. The “Frauen.Stärken.Hof” initiative, in which Hof University of Applied Sciences is also involved, visited her in her new studio.

Annerose Zuber (at her desk) explains her work to the initiative “FRAUEN.STÄRKEN.HOF”; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

For many years, Annerose Zuber reported from her own “home 9-square-meter rooftop studio” because that was the concept of BR at the time: “As correspondents, we were all in our home offices from the very beginning, so to speak, and always ready for action, since we had everything at hand at home.” In October 2021, the journalist, who originally studied librarianship and political science, then moved into the new office in Ludwigstraße in Hof.

Twenty ladies from the Women.Strengths.Hof network now got to know the new location. In a humorous lecture peppered with anecdotes, Zuber talked about her radio experiences

I started at BR in Würzburg in 1993 and have been there ever since. in 1992, BR opened the Hof location as one of the first small field offices in Bavaria: At that time still with Nikolaus Neumeier, my predecessor.”

Annerose Zuber, BR correspondent Hof

Nikolaus Neumeier is now head of the ARD studio in Vienna. “In my early days, it was still the days of the cassette recorder,” she reports; that has changed, of course. Today, she says, cross-media reporting is the order of the day, and the areas of responsibility have expanded to include TV and the Web. The large camera is always in use, she says, when topics for longer reports for Frankenschau or BR24 Rundschau are implemented with media designers. “Recently, I’ve also been live in front of the TV camera,” says the journalist, because that’s the only way to react quickly to current events – as an example, she cites Iranian director Donya Madani at Hofer Filmtage, which she just reported on. Otherwise, she is usually on the road with a microphone, which is itself a small computer, and also works a lot with her smartphone, since its camera is now good enough.

Bavaria-wide, there are more than 50 correspondent offices of Bayerischer Rundfunk, according to Annerose Zuber. For Upper Franconia, she says, 9 correspondents are responsible, as well as several media designers and the entire online team – with Bayreuth as the Upper Franconian headquarters. Depending on demand, however, she herself is also deployed in other regions.

FRAUEN.STÄRKEN.HOF was founded in 2014 as an initiative by the city of Hof, the Bayreuth-Hof Employment Agency and Hof University of Applied Sciences, image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

On site, she then had the participants speak into her mic and took a short survey. She wanted to know what they specifically associate with Frauen.Stärken.Hof and how they became aware of it. The consistently positive answers were then loaded into an editing program and Zuber showed some possible editing options. In the process, she also explained how the famous “three questions” come into the radio: “We speak in three questions and three answers ourselves, and the presenter can then simply replace the questions,” so everything would sound like in a real conversation.

Practice interview: Annerose Zuber in conversation with Anke Bogler (right); Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

After the studio visit, the networking continued in a nearby restaurant. the 50th network meeting will take place in 2022. Interested women can contact anne-christine.habbel@hof-university.de.

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Anne-Christine Habbel

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