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Interactive exhibits from Hof University of Applied Sciences enrich Welsch exhibition

Already since July, the anniversary exhibition “One for All(s)” about the architect and baroque master builder Maximilian von Welsch, who was born 350 years ago in Kronach, can be seen at the Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach. As part of the “Co-Learning Lab” project, Hof University of Applied Sciences is also involved in the exhibition. The communication design course, the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) and the university’s own MakerSpace workshop planned and designed three interactive exhibition exhibits for it – they help to reconstruct the life and work of the famous son of Kronach.

Virtual models reconstruct the work of the baroque architect Maximilian von Welsch; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

As one of the most important German palace and garden architects of his time, von Welsch planned the Würzburg Residence together with other master builders, and built important palaces and gardens in Bruchsal, Pommersfelden, Fulda and Mainz, among others. A military construction director for the Elector of Mainz by birth, he oversaw the expansion of fortifications in Mainz, Würzburg, Forchheim and in his native town of Kronach. The exhibition commemorating the 350th anniversary of his birth is now on display there.

The life and work of the master builder is traced with great attention to detail and accuracy in the exhibition in the Fürstenbau of the fortress. The show is divided into five chapters: “Door to New Worlds,” “Tools of Success,” “Welsch and His Clients,” “Between War and Peace,” and “Welsch in Private – The “Space of the Arts.

Virtual reality helps visitors

Curator Alexander Süß had contacted Hof University of Applied Sciences and Prof. Michael Zöllner in advance to support the exhibition with 3D printing on the one hand and modern technology from the fields of virtual and augmented reality on the other: “Maximilian von Welsch was a fascinating personality. The longer one deals with his biography and his work, the greater the respect and also the pleasure one feels about it. However, of course you can’t exhibit buildings and so the offer from Hof University was a wonderful enrichment for our exhibition,” said curator and museologist Süß

Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

And so, at Hof University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of Professor Michael Zöllner and his team around Marcel Igel, among other things, the now lost Mainz pleasure palace Favorite with its famous gardens was recreated on the computer and printed in the MakerSpace of Hof University of Applied Sciences as a 170cm tall 3D object

The objects thus convey a realistic impression of the architectural achievement of the time via the digital overlay. The virtual walkways to and through the palace grounds with informative stories are another aspect that shows how enriching the collaboration between historians and designers was.”

Prof. Michael Zöllner

The exhibition at Feste Rosenberg itself will run until November 28, 2021.

The exhibition on site and online

The virtual exhibits can be viewed here….

More about the exhibition…

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