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Sports clubs in the region introduce themselves: The swimming club Hof 1911 e.V.

If you want to do some sports – especially now in the warmer half of the year – you can choose from a variety of offers besides the university sports . The city of Hof alone has a remarkable number of over 50 sports clubs – we at “Campuls-digital” therefore offer the largest sports clubs in the region the opportunity to introduce themselves to students in our magazine and to advertise their offerings. The Schwimmverein Hof 1911 e.V. is the first to do so.

The Untreusee lake in Hof is one of the training sites for many departments of the Hof swimming club; photo: Schwimmverein Hof

If you think the name “Schwimmverein” means only swimming, you are wrong: From “B” like badminton to “W” like windsurfing, you can practice a total of 16 different sports in eleven departments of the Schwimmverein Hof. The Hof swimming club is therefore one of the largest multi-discipline clubs in Hof and unites a wide range of sports under its roof, from competitive sports to recreational sports.

16 sports in 11 departments

One of the most important elements for our sports is of course the water. Our swimmers train in different performance groups up to five times a week. In the summer months, the training takes place in the open-air swimming pool in Hof and in the winter in the indoor swimming pool at the Rosenbühl school center.

The canoeists, our rowers, the surfers and stand-up paddlers do not move in the water like the swimmers, but at best on the water. The training location for these departments is the beautiful Untreusee, which you can get to know from a completely different side and enjoy the peace and quiet on the water even more. In winter, canoeists and rowers engage in fitness, endurance training and small games in the sports hall. For club members, ten club-owned stand-up paddleboards are available for use at the Untreusee, and our trained SUP instructors are available to assist any beginner upon request.

New Hof “ice pond” is used extensively

But water in frozen form is also important to us. Hof’s ice athletes are at home in our club: ice hockey, figure skating and curling are practiced on the new municipal artificial ice rink at the Eisteich. In the field of ice hockey, we have various hobby groups that regularly play friendly games with neighboring clubs and participate in hobby tournaments throughout Germany. In summer, these departments train inline field hockey and roller figure skating on the artificial ice rink, and the stick shooters will soon get a summer stick rink again on the Eisteich leisure and meeting sports center.

The new and covered Hof “Eisteich” is used for ice hockey, figure skating and roller field hockey, among other things; photo: Schwimmverein Hof;

Frozen water is also needed by our snow sports department. It runs a DSV ski school, where ski and snowboard courses are usually offered in mid-January. If there is enough snow, we track an 8 km trail for cross-country skiers at the Pirk airfield. From October to March the ski gymnastics enriches the program of our snow sports department. From April to September Nordic Walking is offered at the Pfaffenteich.

Even away from the cool water, the active members of our club meet and represent our club colors in the sports badminton, fistball and table tennis. Within the framework of the municipal vacation program, courses to learn how to ride an inline skate have been offered for many years, and of course we also offer the opportunity to learn how to swim. The courses of our canoeists are also very popular every year. In total, 34 trained instructors are available for almost all sports.

Dear students, even if your time in Hof is limited by your studies, you are very welcome here. Many of your fellow students have found or are finding the best opportunities to do sports in Hof and make friends in a club with many possibilities. We hope to have aroused your interest – come and visit us for a trial training session! All necessary information about our departments and their training times and contact persons are just a click away and can be found on the website: www.sv-hof.de

Volker Dietz
Rainer Krauß

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