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Three times 25 years of service to the university and students

Three female employees of the university administration had every reason to celebrate recently

Susanne Krause

Susanne Krause celebrated her 25th anniversary of service with the Free State of Bavaria on September 22, 2020. University President Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Lehmann and Chancellor Dagmar Pechstein now praised and thanked her for this. After her studies of political science and philology, which she had completed with the degree Magister Artium, Mrs. Krause applied in July 1995 to a job advertisement of the still very young Hof University of Applied Sciences for a position in the student advisory service and in the International Office

As a result, she immediately took over the management of the then still quite small department, which is now called ASK (Ausland – Karriere – Service) and covers many other tasks, such as the Careerservice and the Welcome Center of Hof University of Applied Sciences. Ms. Krause manages this department very successfully and also takes care of the diverse partnerships with other universities personally and with a lot of heart and soul.

from left: Chancellor Dagmar Pechstein, Chairman of the Staff Council Stephan Wülfert, Susanne Krause, President Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Lehmann and Head of Human Resources Andrea Graf.

Susanne Schödel-Guthke

Susanne Schödel-Guthke celebrated 25 years of service on April 1, 2020. The technical officer had studied textile chemistry and textile finishing at the then Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Münchberg department, before working as a laboratory manager at Textilgruppe Hof. In 1995, she was drawn back to the university and to the testing office in Münchberg

“Here, to this day, she is able to put her high level of expertise, quality awareness and diligence to very good use and also demonstrates her high level of service orientation in customer support,” says Chancellor Dagmar Pechstein. Susanne Schödel-Guthke also successfully supervises internships for students

from left to right: Chancellor Dagmar Pechstein, jubilarian Susanne Schödel-Guthke, Staff Council member Jürgen Ott andKatja Haselbach representing the Human Resources Department. Unfortunately, Professor Lottes, her supervisor, was unable to attend the ceremony for scheduling reasons.

Christine Semm

Christine Semm celebrated her 25th anniversary of service at Hof University of Applied Sciences on August 1, 2020. She began her work under the founding president Dr. Georg Nagler in the annex of the civil service college, today building D. The nucleus of our university was housed there since its founding in 1994. At that time, the distribution of business in the administration was still quite fluid, so that Ms. Semm was active in public relations as well as in the study office and at events

However, her main focus and, from 1998 onwards, her exclusive responsibility was in the real estate, now called building management. From the very beginning, she was in charge of rentals as well as the locking system and is still a reliable support for the department head in all questions of building management, whom she also represents.

In the photo, congratulations from left to right: Department Head Josef Martin, Chancellor Dagmar Pechstein, in the middle the lady celebrating her jubilee, Staff Council member Jürgen Ott and Katja Haselbach from the Human Resources Department.

Rainer Krauß
Dagmar Pechstein

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