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Virtual speed dating – Find a practice partner for the dual study program now!

15-minute conversations with companies, presentations on dual studies and reports on experiences – under the umbrella of hochschule dual – Bavaria’s network for dual studies, the dual Speeddating Bayern will take place from 25.10. to 19.11.2021. You can also get in touch with Hof University of Applied Sciences and some of its partner companies directly and easily online. In addition, the dual study program will be presented separately in Hof.

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A dual study program combines practical experience with university studies, offers financial support during studies and good career opportunities. But how do you find your practical partner? At dual Speeddating Bayern, students can easily get in touch with more than 70 practical partners in 15-minute online appointments. The participating companies include large corporations, hidden champions, medium-sized businesses, banks as well as public authorities and social institutions. They include Siemens, Continental, Deutsche Bahn, Berger Bau, Infineon, Regensburg University Hospital and Baur Versand.

Nine participating universities of applied sciences – including, of course, Hof University of Applied Sciences – offer degree programs in technology, IT, business, the environment and health. Students can choose between a combined study program – which combines training and a bachelor’s degree – and a study program with in-depth practical training. The range is wide. In addition to classic courses such as mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and business administration, students can also study geoinformatics, medical technology and management in the bio industry in a dual model, for example.

How does speed dating work?

The aim of the event is to make it easier for students who want to study dual to get in touch with companies and find out about suitable universities for their studies.”

Prof. Dr. Franz Boos, Scientific Director of hochschule dual bayern

During the first two weeks (Oct. 25-Nov. 7), appointments for speed dating can be booked via an online booking system. At the same time, the universities will be providing information about their dual study programs and answering questions about dual study. Field reports and tips for getting to know a company for the first time round off the lecture program, which takes place in the afternoon. The “dates” with practice partners via video chat or telephone will take place from 8.11.21. Participation in speed dating is free of charge.


Date overview Virtual Speedating Dual Studies Bavaria

25.10. to 7.11.2021 – Appointment booking & presentations dual studies

8.11. to 19.11.2021 – Speeddating with practice partners and universities

Presentation of the dual study program at Hof University of Applied Sciences

In addition to the Bavaria-wide speeddating program, Prof. Dr. Franz Boos and the Central Student Advisory Service will present the dual study program at Hof University of Applied Sciences on 11/3/2021 at 4:00 pm. You can findthe zoom link here


Prof. Dr. Franz Xaver Boos

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