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No Summer slump at all: Busy time in the study office

When many colleagues go on vacation and the students can also switch off a bit after their exams, the hot phase begins for the employees in the study office at Hof University of Applied Sciences. All applications for places at the university come together here: More than 4600 applications have to be checked and answered. At the same time, the re-registration period is underway, during which all 3,700 students must submit their declaration of intention to continue their studies. Furthermore, the almost 15,000 individual grades from the previous examination period are currently being processed.

A part of the team of the study office with director Björn Richter and Aneta Okon and Kathrin Schötz (r.): Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The Office of Student Affairs is the point of contact for students in all matters concerning the organization of their studies and therefore, in addition to individual counseling, regularly offers information events for students and teachers in order to optimize the course of their studies. It is mainly responsible for the administrative organization of studies and is the first point of contact for all questions concerning application, admission and enrollment.

Due to the application period and all the preparatory work, the work in the study office is always running at full speed just when things are quiet elsewhere. Again and again, applicants or their parents call the study office, but in many cases the office can give the all-clear

Many miss an email about the application process or fear that mails from them would end up in our spam filter.”

Björn Richter, Director of the Office of Student Affairs

And further: “Others miss their grade in the portal and therefore ask. However, the grades for the current semester will be completely displayed in the portal by August 15,” says Björn Richter, describing the most frequent inquiries.

At the moment, a total of nine employees are registering the new students. In a few weeks, the first of them will receive their new ID cards. After the grades close on August 15, formal matters will be taken care of before the certificates for the current graduates can be issued. To make sure it all works, working hand-in-hand is top priority. “There is no I in this WE,” Björn Richter concludes.

To the study office…

Rainer Krauß

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