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Strengthen recognition value: Hof University of Applied Sciences now also has audio logo

Hof University of Applied Sciences now has a so-called audio logo in addition to its usual logo. This is a sound sequence that will be attached to all film clips, podcasts or radio spots of the university in the future. The aim is to strengthen the recognition of our educational institution also in this field (well-known examples of big brands are certainly in everyone’s ear).

The new audio logo is therefore a jingle, which serves as a short, catchy recognition sound – standing alone and/or in combination with the figurative university logo. The aim of the development was to create a modern, if possible unique and yet memorable sound, which at the same time fits the visual animation of the university logo. A combination of acoustic and electronic elements – also to represent the diversity of the university – seemed appropriate here. The pitch, corresponding to the figurative university logo, is furthermore not accidentally chosen in B major.

Rainer Krauß

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