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Enquiry: How do research projects between companies and universities come about?

Universities can conduct research for and with companies. This usually works in such a way that a research group works on a problem posed by the company. This research group is led by a professor and supported by a research assistant with specialist expertise. It is also possible to work on individual questions from different companies on an umbrella topic. As many such research collaborations are funded by the public sector, a demonstrator, i.e. the “demo version” of a newly developed solution, and a publication on the research, which is then publicly accessible, are typically produced at the end of such a project.

Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

A research project usually lasts between 6 months and 3 years, sometimes even longer. Such projects are financed either directly by the company or via funding programmes from ministries, foundations or the EU. An application must be submitted for these funding programmes.

Many examples of such projects at Hof University of Applied Sciences can be found in the Hof University of Applied Sciences research information system and here in “campuls-digital“.

As a company, how do I get involved in a research project with a university?

If a company wants to research a specific challenge, issue or problem and pave the way to a suitable solution, it can talk to the head of a thematically appropriate research group about the issue. This can either be done simply via a phone call or through direct contact at university events. It is also possible to make contact at specialist conferences or after presentations by researchers. In addition, both the institutes themselves and the Research Marketing Office forward enquiries to the relevant research groups. Feel free to contact us!

A typical sequence of project phases between company and university. Illustration:Hof University of Applied Sciences;

There is also a range of events for society, politics and business, most of which are free of charge, which aim to stimulate dialogue between stakeholders and science. The largest event of this kind will take place this year on 19 July 2024: The Science Day of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region in Hof. Our research institutes also offer symposia on their research topics. We announce event dates via our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here under “Subscribe to our newsletter”.

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Katrin Müller

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