Hof University creates virtual time travel through the Fichtelgebirge region

The "Timetravel Fichtelgebirge" project, launched in 2023, will bring regional history back to life at the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum Wunsiedel: From fall 2024, visitors will be able to take a virtual journey through time to identity-forming places, famous personalities and thematic identity anchors in the Fichtelgebirge. The museum thus links past and present, real objects and virtual applications and conveys local culture and regional identity. [more]

published: 24.05.2024

Cooperation agreement signed with Universidade de São Paulo

A new cooperation agreement with the Universidade de São Paulo was recently signed during the International Teaching Week. At Hof University of Applied Sciences, the agreement will initially affect the Faculty of Engineering. We were able to talk to Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Müller and Prof. Dr. Christoph Koch, who maintains good contacts with the USP and is the initiator of the cooperation, about the goals of the agreement. [more]

published: 17.05.2023

Chamber of Craftsmen visits university: New cooperations under discussion

The newly formed leadership of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Upper Franconia (HWK) is currently making a total of 25 inaugural visits to the region. Most recently, the Hof University of Applied Sciences was on the agenda of the newly elected HWK Vice President Herpich and HWK Managing Director Dr. Sauer [more]

published: 14.07.2021