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Germany’s first practice- and career-oriented degree program in sociology starts in Hof

Until now, young people in Hochfranken and parts of the neighboring states who were interested in sociology as a field of study had few local alternatives. If they wanted to obtain their desired education, they sometimes had little choice but to move away from the region. This is now to change permanently from the winter semester 2021/22

Hof University of Applied Sciences fills a gap in the region with its Economic and Organizational Sociology degree program; Image: iStock/Prostock-Studio

With the new study course “economic and organizational sociology WOS ” fills the university yard not only a long deplored gap in the educational offer, but creates according to statements of the responsible persons at the same time still unique: The country widely first practice and occupation-referred study course in the field of the sociology.

Sociology can be different! Not dusty, not boring and above all: professionally qualifying.”

Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark, Director of Studies

This assessment of the uniqueness of the new course is no exaggeration, because it comes from a qualified and competent source: course director Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark is not only Professor of Human Resource Management and Organization at Hof University of Applied Sciences, but also Chairman of the Board of the Professional Association of German Sociologists (BDS) e.V. As such, he has a comprehensive overview of his field of teaching and says:

Unique in Germany

“With our new bachelor’s degree program in Hof, sociology in Germany is also breaking new ground – after all, this offer is aimed at young people who are not explicitly aiming for an academic career, but want to study in a practical and career-oriented way.” University President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann adds

The course of studies economics and organization sociology is the first occupation and practice-oriented sociology course of studies in the German-speaking countries and at all the first sociology course of studies at a university for applied sciences. The Hof University of Applied Sciences thus offers for the first time an attractive program for young people from the Hof region who are interested in social issues or have taken the social branch at the Fachoberschule FOS.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann, University President

Less theory, more practice and dual!

Accordingly, the career orientation consists primarily in the fact that the course, unlike the usual sociology courses at universities, puts theoretical training in the background and teaches much more of the social skills required in practice: “For example, students learn how to conduct mediations, plan projects, conduct critique and conflict discussions, organize international teams and overall present themselves professionally – precisely what they will need again and again in their later professional fields. And

This is the first sociology degree program in Germany that can also be studied dual, i.e. in conjunction with a commercial apprenticeship and an existing training contract!”

Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark, Director of Studies

Intensive contact with employers

In addition to thorough methodological training, the main course of study also focuses on potential employers, with whom initial contacts can already be made during a binding internship. Finally, this is where close cooperation with the Professional Association of German Sociologists comes into play, which consists – in a very concrete and tangible way – of advice from professional practitioners, networking with companies operating nationwide, and advice on internships and career entry. In the main course of study, moreover, topics such as quality management, management of social innovations, sustainability, and civic engagement are explored in greater depth, and the focus is on an economy oriented toward the common good. A voluntary semester at one of Hof’s many partner universities was also deliberately included in the course planning

Three advanced master’s degree programs

For those who would like to acquire more in-depth knowledge after successfully completing their studies, Hof University of Applied Sciences offers three master’s degree programs that provide practical preparation for various professional fields: The courses of studies “personnel and work”, “project management” and “marketing” are to the selection here locally.

Application possible from May

Anyone interested in the new range of courses can apply to Hof University of Applied Sciences for the new “Economic and Organizational Sociology” degree program starting in May 2021.

For more information, please visit:

About the person: Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark

Rainer Krauß

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