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Part-time: Professional pedagogy in health care (medical/nursing pedagogy)

Demographic change is present in many professions and industries. In the area of healthcare, it threatens to have a particularly drastic impact – just think of the shortage of skilled nursing staff. The “baby boomers,” the generations currently entering retirement, are tearing a big hole in the job market. Many schools in the healthcare sector are unable to fill vacancies, although in some cases there are even plans to expand training capacity. Hof University of Applied Sciences is addressing this very problem. With its new bachelor’s degree program in vocational education, it is closing a long-standing gap in offerings in northern Bavaria.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drossel (left) heads the new bachelor’s degree program in vocational pedagogy in healthcare; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The innovative offering is aimed at people who have already successfully completed a degree, for example in nursing, emergency medical services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, ATA/OTA/MTA.

Blended learning with guided self-study phases

The study program itself is offered in a blended learning concept – location- and time-independent learning and classical teaching are thus combined. The lectures take place exclusively at the university location in Kronach.

This is a pedagogical course of study, which is intended to enable students to provide good teaching or good advice and guidance. It thrives on the exchange between students, but above all on trying things out and reflecting with experts.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drossel, Director of Studies

The study is supported in guided self-study phases in addition to the attendance times – e.g. through videos, assignments or learning materials. The focus is on the acquisition of subject didactic and extended pedagogical knowledge, combined with the respective specialist science of the basic profession and the health professions and medical-scientific content (medical pedagogy).

Free additional qualifications integrated

The study of vocational pedagogy in health care (B.A. part-time) is also characterized by the fact that additional qualifications (e.g. skills trainer, POL tutor) are integrated free of charge. Hof University thus trains teachers with this program, who in turn accompany people in their learning processes. “This imprinting of learning companions is a concern for us. Modern pedagogical concepts that meet the challenges of everyday life, i.e., focus on the learning process, are of central importance,” says program director Prof. Drossel, who himself worked for 16 years as a teacher and principal in the health care sector in Upper Franconia and taught medical education at a university for 10 years.

Strong demand for workers

Employees in the fields of vocational pedagogy, medical pedagogy and nursing pedagogy are in demand everywhere. Schools (vocational colleges, vocational schools) are not the only potential employers. The areas of further and continuing education, practical guidance in professional practice, skills labs, health insurance companies or even industry are also looking for graduates with this qualification.

Attractive location and best equipment

“In Kronach, we offer a special ambience for part-time students, for whom a lot is demanded in their everyday professional and private lives anyway.” And further:

Our fantastic equipment, a skills lab, but also the beautiful old town ambience or the neighboring state horticultural show grounds with many other amenities distinguish this location and the study program.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drossel

He continues, “The lecturers, who play a very important role in the students’ acquisition of skills, come to us from all over Germany. Easy accessibility for students is particularly important to us,” says Prof. Drossel.

The Kronach location offers a lot – also and especially for part-time students; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;


Further information about the study program Vocational Education in Health Care (BA) ….

For the course of studies one can announce oneself starting from: 15 November 2023 or in advance already on a list of interested ones with matthias.drossel@hof-university.de to be taken up let.

Rainer Krauß

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