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New dual format: studies with in-depth practice in business administration and business informatics

Hof University of Applied Sciences will offer a new dual study format from the winter semester 2022/23. In doing so, it is primarily responding to the desire of companies for longer periods of practical training in the companies. As Prof. Dr. Franz Xaver Boos, representative for dual study programs at Hof University of Applied Sciences, announced, the new offering will initially be limited to the subjects of business administration and business information systems.

Franz Xaver Boos, Hof University’s representative for dual study formats: Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

According to Prof. Dr. Boos, the existing dual study program in combination with various apprenticeships is already very popular and has been a real success story over the past ten years. For example, there is close and trusting cooperation with selected vocational school partners and dual students are very well embedded in normal study operations. “This format has proven itself and it will continue in the combination of study and training – our existing partners have absolutely nothing to worry about here,” says the university professor.

Greater demand for dual options

However, there is increasing feedback from companies that would like to increase the attendance times of their dual students in the company. In addition, he said, it is obvious that there is also an increased desire among young people for dual study opportunities without a traditional apprenticeship. “Companies are facing increasingly fierce competition for talented young people. A distinctive in-company practice is one of the most important factors of all,” says Prof. Dr. Boos

In-company periods to be extended

In response to this development, two courses of study with in-depth practical experience will now be offered starting in the fall. In the Business Administration and Business Informatics courses, the practical periods per semester will be extended to 2.5 and 3 months respectively, while the study time will be reduced to 3.5 and 3 months respectively

With this change, we are accommodating the companies’ desire for longer practical periods. But the companies will also have to meet some requirements.”

Prof. Dr. Franz Xaver Boos

Among other things, they will have to comply with the university’s recommendations for the practical areas in which dual students are to be deployed. In addition, it must be ensured that the dual students prepare practical work on topics such as cost accounting/controlling. Furthermore, the students would have to be transferred to dual employment relationships subject to social insurance contributions and could not be managed as working students. At the end of the study program, there is a practical semester in this study format, during which the students can already work fully or partially in the company.

Rainer Krauß

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