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New quality injection molding: new machine delivered

Injection molding technology has been an important area of research and teaching at Hof University of Applied Sciences for some time. In the training of mechanical engineers, materials engineers and industrial engineers, modules such as toolmaking or injection molding technology can be selected. In research, too, several projects have already been carried out in the field of electrically functionalized injection molded parts.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Reichel and laboratory engineer Martin Thoß are visibly pleased with the successful commissioning of the new Arburg machine; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The only thing the university has lacked up to now is equipment with modern injection molding machines. When the injection molding laboratory was set up, the existing equipment had been taken over inexpensively as used equipment from industry. After almost twenty years, the equipment was finally replaced.

Wide range of applications

The choice fell on a machine from the well-known German manufacturer Arburg (Lossburg, Baden-Würtemberg). The machine purchased is a fully hydraulic machine with a clamping force of 1000 kN and allows all of the university’s existing molds to be operated. The control system and user interface meet current requirements and a connection to the network is also provided

The new injection molding machine from Arburg. Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Equipping the machines with a high-performance plasticizing unit allows a wide range of materials to be processed. Despite the Corona situation, but taking into account the clearance rules, the machine was connected and commissioned by technicians from the supplier at the end of October/beginning of November 2020. In addition, the university’s personnel were trained accordingly

Strengthening practical teaching

So now there is an up-to-date machine that will be used in teaching and research in the future. This means that the university’s materials-related research institutes, the Institute of Biopolymers and the Institute of Materials Science, can draw on up-to-date equipment. Students will learn about and appreciate the state of the art in the practical elements of the injection molding technology course.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Reichel

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