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About the person: campuls in conversation with Prof. Dr. Matthias Mungenast

Mission and Function:
Officially: economics with a focus on business management and human resources / Actually: inspiring young adults for education and life.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mungenast; Image: private;

I was born in Karlsruhe

My professional background is…
I was a manager in human resources and social services. Today one would probably speak of “Head of…” 😉

The most important thing for me is…
…to be able to convey the above-mentioned enthusiasm.

What excites me about my field…
…is the interdisciplinarity. In human resource management, we need business, psychological, legal, ethical and many other skills and competencies.

For me, being a professor means…
…to be able to pursue a dream job that is worth striving for

From students I hope
that they turn on their camera. That works quite well now and makes for a very stimulating lecture atmosphere on both sides.

In the future
…I would like to welcome all my students in the lecture hall again.

What I like about Hof University of Applied Sciences is
… that we have maintained our personal and friendly interaction with all members of the university since its founding in 1994. There are many things I like about Hof and the region
……! The short distances, the nature, the theater, the closeness to the people and especially the brilliant outdoor pool. Here you can work out for hours at an air temperature of 16 degrees and a water temperature of 25 degrees, and you are personally looked after as the only person in the pool.

If I could study again,
…studying in Hof would certainly be appealing

Sport has long been a great passion: Prof. Dr. Mungenast at the
Participation in the famous Roth Triathlon in 2003; photo: live-sportphotos.com

If I had one wish for free,…
…I, as the university’s sports representative, would like to encourage all readers to take part in sports. Hiking, biking, walking, running: anything goes in Corona times! Good defenses protect us all and maintain our dream figure.

Rainer Krauß

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