3. International Textile Online Week: event attracts around 350 participants

The 3rd International Textile Online Week (ITOW) took place at the Münchberg campus of Hof University of Applied Sciences from July 10 to 14, 2023. With around 350 participants from nine nations, the event registered a record number of registrations. The campuls editorial team spoke with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus-Ekkehard Koukal about the ITOW. [more]

published: 20.07.2023

Project I²P²: Students and profs from Brescia on a return visit to Hof

Since last year, Hof University of Applied Sciences has been successfully running the short exchange program I²P² in cooperation with the DAAD. The university develops joint courses and projects with six international partner universities in Finland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico and the USA. In May, a group of students and their professors from the University of Brescia visited the Hof campus as part of the project. [more]

published: 12.06.2023

Indian students celebrate their traditions: The “Garba Night 2022” inspires

India is a country with a huge cultural heritage. So it's no wonder that the approximately 800 Indian students at Hof University of Applied Sciences also cultivate their traditions. Now, with the "Garba Night 2022", a very colorful celebration took place, reminiscent of the traditional Navratri celebrations, where, among other things, the folk dance "Garba" is shown. [more]

published: 27.10.2022

Intercultural competence: meeting other nationalities as part of the lecture

The encounter with other cultures is not only of great importance from a professional perspective, it also provides new experiences and promotes the development of one's own personality. At Hof University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, among others, offers the module "Intercultural Competence", which is carried out by the Career Service and by lecturers of the faculty. [more]

published: 13.07.2022

Lecture: The Impact of the Ukraine War on Central Asia

The economic consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine particularly affect Russia's neighboring countries in Central Asia. This was made clear in a noteworthy presentation by Saule Kemelbayeva, an economist at the International School of Economics at M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan [more]

published: 01.07.2022

Project I2P2 connects Hof University with six countries on three continents

In cooperation with six international partner universities in Finland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico and the USA, Hof University of Applied Sciences develops joint courses and projects. What makes this special is that all modules are interdisciplinary and open to students from all disciplines and faculties [more]

published: 24.06.2022

International Relations: Kazakh Consul General Visits Hof

The Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Munich, Dr. Denis Rogov, visited Hof University of Applied Sciences on 12.04.2022 together with a delegation. The focus of the visit was the exchange of information and getting to know the campus. [more]

published: 22.04.2022