Digital health applications – Hof researches nationwide!

Among other things, Hof University of Applied Sciences is involved in a large and Bavaria-wide study on the effectiveness of corona vaccinations. Two research groups at iisys have established an interdisciplinary research focus on "Digital Health Systems". [more]

published: 01.02.2021

“New Work” – Corona acts as a decision accelerator for companies

The world of work is currently changing in Germany at an unprecedented speed thanks to the Corona pandemic, and long-delayed projects are being implemented. This is the result of a study conducted by the European Management Institute at Hof University of Applied Sciences (emi e.V.). [more]

published: 23.01.2021

Board of Directors of the Fördergesellschaft confirmed in office

t the general meeting, the board and members of the Society of Friends and Supporters of Hof University e.V. looked back on a successful and eventful 2019, as well as on a special year 2020. A total of around € 79,000.00 in funding was made available for a wide variety of projects in 2019. The board was confirmed in office for another three years. [more]

published: 06.11.2020