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“Success made in Hof”: You only become an “Ironman” step by step – Christian Krauß

In the series of successful graduates of Hof University of Applied Sciences, we introduce Christian Krauß to our readers today. The 32-year-old from Gattendorf studied industrial engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences until 2012 and now works as Operations Manager at the company Falcon Professional Kitchen LLC in Dubai. In addition, as a passionate triathlete, he recently took part in the “IronMan” World Championship in Utah.

Christian Krauß at his workplace in Dubai – the native of Gattendorf studied industrial engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences; Photo: private

Mr. Krauß, how would you define your professional task yourself and how did you come to Dubai?

At that time I wrote my bachelor thesis “Market Analysis United Arab Emirates – Refrigeration” at Viessmann Kältetechnik AG in Hof. In this context I was offered the opportunity to start my career as Project & Sales Manager at the newly founded Viessmann subsidiary in Dubai. I have been living in Dubai for more than 10 years now, however I am no longer working for Viessmann, but still in the kitchen construction industry. My current employer Falcon Professional Kitchen LLC has about 250 employees with main office in Dubai and branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Our main business as a kitchen builder and stainless steel product manufacturer is industrial kitchens for hotels and restaurants.

My main tasks today as Head of Operations with just under 120 employees in the Installation, Service and Logistics departments are, on the one hand, employee motivation and, on the other, the continuous improvement of all processes and procedures. We want to combine and advance productive work and healthy growth of our company.

When you think of your old home today, what comes to mind first?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is my family. My parents, my brother, but also cousins and grandparents are still at home in the Hof region and the opportunities to see each other in person are naturally limited. I met my Brazilian wife 8 years ago in Dubai and we got married last year (2021) in Feilitzsch near Hof. But of course I also think of my school days and especially the 3.5 years of study that I enjoyed very much at Hof University of Applied Sciences – a great time!

What has been the biggest challenge in your professional career so far?

It’s certainly the position I recently took on as Head of Operations. This has taken me a step away from pure sales, which is what I have been involved with for most of my 10 years of professional experience as a sales manager and business development manager. With my technical training from my industrial engineering studies, combined with my experience in sales and, of course, the full confidence of the company’s management, this challenge is ideal for me to work my way further up the corporate ladder.

What led you to Hof University at that time?

The good ranking of Hof University of Applied Sciences, the good supervision ratio between lecturers and students and, of course, the proximity to home.

In what way did your studies at Hof provide you with added value for your practical work?

I use my basic technical and business knowledge from industrial engineering on a daily basis, both in internal employee meetings and in discussions with customers. The practical, sometimes tough but always fair approach of my lecturers has prepared me excellently for professional life, especially for independent and structured work.

Christian Krauß at the Ironman World Championship in the US state of Utah; photo: private

Your big hobby besides your job is sports. How did you get into triathlon and how intensively can you devote yourself to it as a manager?

Of course, I was and still am a hobby athlete. Before and during my studies, I played soccer for FC Trogen, which naturally ended when I moved to Dubai. The consequence of the change was that I did more and more irregular sports and also paid little attention to my diet during the first 5 years in the Emirate. When the scales then showed over 100 kilos after Christmas vacation 2017, it was time to pull the ripcord. I started jogging and eating more consciously. For the first few weeks, I was still never able to run for more than 15 minutes at a time. But because I did this every day, after 10 weeks I had lost about 13 kilos and a friend signed me up for my first 10 kilometer run.

…and the initial agony turned into a love of sports?

Exactly. After my first diet success, I started to like jogging and gradually the addiction started. Already at the end of 2017 I ran my first half marathon and then already in January I participated in the Dubai Marathon. in 2019, however, I got a little bored with just jogging and signed up for my first triathlon at the Olympic distance.

The moment of happiness and relief: Crossing the finish line at the Ironman World Championship; Image: private

…these are really enormously fast increases – compliments!

Thanks. in 2020 came the first real Ironman in Dubai and a few days ago the highlight of my sports career so far: On May 7, 2022 I was allowed to participate in the Ironman World Championship in St. George, Utah, USA. For me, it is the 4th year of triathlon so far, specifically preparing for the Ironman in St. George, Utah, from October 2021 to the end of April 2022, with about 10 – 15 hours of sports per week.

What tip would you give to young students?

Whether in your personal or professional life, always set new, big goals and take on challenges. But break them down into smaller milestones in order to achieve them and to be able to celebrate a sufficient sense of achievement.

What was your fondest memory of Hof University?

This is difficult to break down to a single memory. Some of the best memories are the feeling of leaving the exam hall at the last semester exam or the countless celebrations with other male and female students. I also have fond memories of the interactive lectures given by Prof. Dr. Ronald Hechtfischer. I particularly remember the “Product Development Examination”, which became one of my most successful examinations. rüfungen)

What do you get out of the Alumni Network at Hof University and would you recommend it?

I still have a lot of contact with the Alumni Network, the students from my year at the time, and also with many companies in the region. The Alumni Association supports these contacts and creates opportunities to maintain them. That’s why I can definitely recommend the Hof University Alumni Network.

What personal goal would you still like to realize?

With the completion of the Ironman World Championship, I have achieved a major goal that I have been working towards for several years. Now I need to relax a bit to clear my head. What has been in the back of my mind for some time now, however, is climbing Mount Everest. I think that I will achieve this goal – with several stage goals, just like the Ironman – in the next few years.

Thank you for the interview and I wish you continued success – both athletically and professionally!

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