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About the person: campuls-digital in conversation with Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmola

Task and function
Dean of the new Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences

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My professional background is…
…the health care industry. After graduation, I first worked as an assistant to the board of directors for a large private healthcare group. Subsequently, as commercial director, I took over the operational management of a clinic in the same group. Before I became a professor, my last position was managing director of a clinic.

Themost important thing for me is……quite
clearly health.

What excites me about my field is…
…the highly dynamic nature of my field. There are always changes, be it due to new legal framework conditions or medical or technical progress.

For me, being a professor means…
…giving our students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful later in their careers. At the same time, I would like to contribute to the development of ideas or concepts that represent a step forward for the general public or specific companies through application-related projects.

What I hope forfrom students is…
…that they actively participate in the events. And that they ask questions, because critical questioning and a joint discussion and development of content are for me the foundation of a successful event.

In the future there will …
…there will certainly be some exciting new things to experience and create. With regard to the university, in addition to the development of our new faculty, the design of teaching in the post-Corona era will certainly be exciting. In my view, there should be no simple “back to the lecture hall”. In the future, we should design teaching in such a way that we combine the advantages of both worlds – i.e. presence and virtual.

WhatI like about Hof University of Applied Sciences is
…… that our size allows us to maintain more personal contact than is often possible at very large universities. We are also fortunate to have such a beautiful campus.

WhatI particularly like about Hof……is
the Untreusee lake. You can spend pleasant hours there, especially in the warmer seasons. The theater, too, always offers a pleasant time of variety with its diverse program.

If I could study again
,…… I would first have to find out what interesting things are currently available. In the meantime, the variety has become so great that it is difficult to make a spontaneous choice. If I wanted something traditional, I would choose medicine.

If I had one wish wish,…
…I would wish for a djinni who has no wish limit. The first thing he should do is to make sure that the Corona virus disappears.

Rainer Krauß

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