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Arriving at your university: Introduction days are reorganized

The introductory days at Hof University are to be redesigned and further developed. For several weeks now, an initiative has been working on this very goal and is considering many ideas and suggestions. We talked to Vice President Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff and project manager Denise Bohrisch

Part of the project team “Initiative Introduction Days” (from left): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco Linß, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, Jan Schilling, Doreen Rustler, Prof. Dr. Astrid Nöfer, Denise Bohrisch and Johanna Kimler – unfortunately other members could not be on the picture due to illness; Picture: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Wolff, what prompted the new initiative?

“The last two introductory days at the beginning of the winter semester in October took place under restricted conditions for all participants due to the worldwide pandemic. For us, this was an optimal time to think about a further development of the introduction days in order to offer an even greater added value for new students at Hof University. Of course, we hope that the upcoming introduction days can take place under normal conditions again.”

What is the goal behind this – where do you see the event in a few years?

“Further development should focus on the needs of the current and upcoming generations of students. It is important to find the optimum balance between providing information about and integrating students into Hof University. And fun should not be neglected in the process.”

Ms. Bohrisch, for the implementation you rely on the input of many: who exactly will be involved and how should one imagine the work of the initiative?

“In line with the goal, the contributors come from many areas of the university. Employees from the STEM project and the VP Teaching area are just as much a part of it as representatives from each faculty, representatives from the four university locations (students), and participants from university communications, the International Office, event management and student advising. Together we have defined our goals and are now working in small groups to implement them. The entire project team regularly updates itself in joint meetings. We would also like to involve other university members in the project, one example being the university’s initiatives.”

It seems particularly important to include very heterogeneous target groups. How do you want to reach them and get them excited about further development?

“Up to now, the introductory days have mainly been geared toward first-year students in the bachelor’s degree programs. We want to manage to include all students who are new to Hof University in the introduction days in order to create integration from day one. It is important to network the students and give them the chance to establish contacts with others with whom they do not come into contact through their studies alone. Through various offerings and events, this plan will be realized.”

Are there already initial findings from the feedback received?

“From the first meetings of the project team, the realization clearly emerged that successful introductory days advance Hof University and increase its attractiveness. The project team asked themselves questions like “What has worked?”, “What should we reduce?” or “What should we do more of?”. In a retrospective, many answers to these questions came together, which we are now evaluating and implementing step by step.”

What is the timeline for the initiative, Mr. Vice President?

“The introduction days for the winter semester 2022/23 in October of this year should already be designed in the concept of further development. For this, the project team will take over the planning and organization in the current semester.”

How can people get actively involved in the process?

We want to give all university members the opportunity to contribute their ideas, suggestions for improvement and wishes for the further development of the introduction days. Therefore, please feel free to answer the questions directly to
einfuehrungstage@hof-university.de:- “What has worked well?”
“What should we reduce


“What should we do more of?

We welcome lots of feedback!”

Thanks for the information!

Rainer Krauß

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