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Bavarian Culture Prize awarded to graduate of Hof University of Applied Sciences

Stefanie Meyer, a graduate of Hof University of Applied Sciences, received the Bavarian Culture Award from Bayernwerk AG (Bayernwerk) for her master’s thesis in the “Composite Materials” course. On the same evening, the writer Michaela Karl, the artists Regina Hellwig-Schmid and Carolina Camilla Kreusch, the actor and director Arnd Rühlmann and the opera singer Christa Mayer were also honored

Culture award winner Stefanie Meyer, image: private;

The award ceremony took place in a digital format for the first time. From a studio in Ismaning, it was broadcast via livestream and additionally on local television stations. In addition to Stefanie Meyer, 32 other graduates from Bavarian colleges and universities received the award in the science category.

Microwave technology for bonded joints

In her master’s thesis in the “Composite Materials” course, Stefanie Meyer investigated the suitability of microwaves in the curing process for adhesive bonds. With her analyses, Stefanie Meyer was able to confirm that a certain adhesive system is suitable for curing by microwaves. She also succeeded in reducing the adhesive curing time by more than 25 percent using microwave technology compared with infrared technology, where the energy input is provided by radiation.

The prizes in the art category and the special prize are each endowed with 5,000 euros, and in the science category with 2,000 euros each. The Bavarian Culture Prize is awarded by Bayernwerk together with the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art. In the science category, the 33 best university and college graduates in Bavaria are also honored: “In these difficult times, we particularly notice how valuable, indispensable and worthy of support culture and science are in all their facets. The Bavarian Culture Award is a thank-you to the people who give our society such a rich gift with their work in art, culture and science,” said Reimund Gotzel, Chairman of the Board of Management of Bayernwerk AG.

Award with a history

The Bavarian Culture Award looks back on a 60-year history. The prize was awarded for the first time in 1959 – initially only in Eastern Bavaria. Since 2005, Bayernwerk has been presenting the award throughout Bavaria together with the State Ministry of Science and the Arts. All prize winners receive the bronze “Gedankenblitz” statue sculpted by Schwandorf sculptor Peter Mayer and prize money. While an expert jury selects the five art award winners, the Bavarian state colleges and universities nominate their best graduates and doctoral students. The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art also awards a special prize to one artist.

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