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Dual study in Bavaria continues to grow – Hof University of Applied Sciences with new offers

The number of dual students in Bavaria has grown steadily in recent years. In the winter semester of 22/23, more than 8,400 students at a university of applied sciences chose to study under the umbrella of hochschule dual. The close integration of theory and practice is an attractive study model for companies and students alike. At Hof University of Applied Sciences, more than 300 students are enrolled in dual degree programs, which represents just under 8 percent of the total number of students.

Dual students in Bavaria; Photo: hochschule dual/Julia Bergmeister

Intensive practical relevance, excellent career opportunities as well as the ability to plan and financial security are important reasons for many prospective students to choose dual studies. A total of 8,413 students are enrolled in this model in the winter semester 22/23. A dual study program also offers many advantages for the practice partners. More practical and corporate experience enable a smooth transition from study to working life. This is evidenced by over 3,000 practice partner cooperations. A number that
surveyed this year for the first time.

Bavaria’s Science Minister Markus Blume emphasizes:

“Dual study is a strong pillar of our diverse range of courses in the Free State. The great demand shows: For many young people, dual study is the perfect stepping stone to a career. The close integration of theory and practice makes graduates into excellently trained academic specialists with excellent career opportunities. And companies benefit as well, as they train their own young academics, so to speak. The dual study program is and remains a Bavarian success model!”

Markus Blume, Bavarian Minister of Science

Technology and IT make up the largest share

As in previous years, degree programs in engineering and IT are the most in demand, at 58%. Overall, the ranking of fields of study has not changed. In second place are “Health and Social Sciences” with 20%, followed by “Business” (13%) and “Environment & Natural Sciences” (9%). Although the total number of dual students increased slightly, their share of the total number of students remained at just under 7%.

There was a major change in the choice of study models. For those who want to study dual in Bavaria, hochschule dual offers two options. The combined study program combines vocational training with an academic bachelor’s degree in 4.5 years. Those who opt for studies with in-depth practical experience can complete their studies in 3.5 years. For the first time, more students in Bavaria have opted for this study model. This is a development that has already become apparent with the decline in combined studies in recent years. Possible reasons for this are that students are interested in completing their studies as quickly as possible. Fewer companies are also offering integrated degree programs.

New offerings at Hof University of Applied Sciences

For Prof. Dr. Franz-Xaver Boos, Hof University’s representative for dual study programs, the dual study program remains a success story. The dovetailing of theory and practice brings great added value for all involved, so Hof University of Applied Sciences is responding accordingly:

We will expand our offerings at Hof University of Applied Sciences and, in particular, increasingly offer our master’s degree programs on a dual basis. In the area of Bachelor Business Administration and Business Information Systems, we will create a course of study with in-depth practice and extra-long practical periods.”

Prof. Dr. Franz-Xaver Boos

The dual master’s degree program in computer science in particular is enjoying increasing popularity, Prof. Dr. Boos continued.

Prof. Dr. Franz-Xaver Boos; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Often with the help of regional business, new degree programs are being developed in many places to help train the next generation for current topics such as digitization, sustainability and decarbonization, and healthcare. Dual graduates are excellently prepared for the working world of the future with their skills and expertise.

Strong network

19 universities of applied sciences and technical universities in Bavaria form a strong network together with chambers, vocational schools and industry associations. All degree programs and practice partners can be found online in the study place portal. hochschule dual and the dual coordinators and coordinators at the universities advise and support students and interested practice partners on
their way to dual studies. Common standards, sample contracts, and guidelines guarantee quality so that dual studies continue to be as successful as they are today.

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