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Fun for young and old: Reading aloud day at the “Zur Auszeit” café a complete success

Friday, 17.11.23 was the nationwide Read Aloud Day. People read aloud in many places throughout Germany. Eight Business Psychology students also took part in the event on a voluntary basis and read the story of Ingo Siegner’s little dragon Coconut to children aged 3-6 in the new student café “Zur Auszeit”. The reading was opened by the children’s rock band Blue Sky, who warmed up the young and old visitors to the event with rocking songs before the reading began.

Eight students from Hof University of Applied Sciences read for the children at the nationwide reading day in the student café “Zur Auszeit”; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The story of the little dragon Coconut and his friends Oskar and Mathilda, who take on the evil weather witch Gula, who conjures up bad weather over Dragon Island and thus spoils the dragons’ summer, was accompanied by musical interludes. Even though the dragons are big and strong, the witch cannot be defeated just like that. Because she also conjures a large fire dragon into a hailstone in a flash. Coconut then develops a daring plan which, with the help of all the dragons, only just succeeds.

Thanks to the acting talent of the readers, it was a very successful reading in the packed café. The audience laughed heartily at Gula the witch’s funny slip of the tongue and shared in the excitement when the plan threatens to fail and Oskar the dragon is bewitched into a bat. The reading ended with a hearty round of applause and a final song by the band.

Donated books were very well received

In addition to muffins and drinks, another surprise awaited the young readers in the form of a book rummage table. The appeal to members of the university to donate the children’s books they had read was met with a great response. Over 150 books were donated. There were also countless Pixi books. The display of books was therefore very popular. Children were still picking out books long after the event had ended. Even the youngest visitor – less than two years old – found several books featuring his favorite character Bob the Builder. The cotton bags donated by Hof University of Applied Sciences came in handy for transporting the books home.

The reading team would like to thank all supporters:

We would like to thank the university for the financial support, the university communications team for designing and printing the posters and for the external communication. Our special thanks go to all donors for the great books. The “Zur Auszeit” café team not only supported us with the location, but also with the provision of technology and catering. Thank you very much!”



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