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European exchange project: German and Czech mechanical engineers visit each other

In order to intensify cross-border contacts between educational institutions in Bavaria and Bohemia, the Faculty of Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences is currently conducting an exchange with the vocational high school in Sokolov (Falkenau) in the Czech Republic. Czech students have now visited the facilities of Hof University of Applied Sciences. The project is supported and promoted by the Euregio Egrensis.

The participants of the European exchange program led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Beck (below, 3rd from right); Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

“With this project, we would like to make a small contribution to the further growing together of our countries and at the same time find out how the young Czechs think about the future of our industry,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Beck, head of the Mechanical Engineering program at Hof University of Applied Sciences

With this project, we would like to make a small contribution to the further growing together of our countries.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Beck

Together with teachers from the graduating class at the vocational high school in Sokolov, Beck has now organized a two-day exchange event for 18 prospective mechanical engineers, including 15 students from Hof University of Applied Sciences. At the first meeting in Hof, after an introduction to the Faculty of Engineering, the first thing on the agenda was for the participants to get to know each other intensively: “Thanks also to language animator Hana Strechova, it was immediately possible to create a good atmosphere between the young people,” says Alexander Dietz from the Euregio Egrensis, which is supporting the event in terms of planning and with European funding from the European Union’s Objective 3 ETZ Bavaria-Czech Republic (INTERREG IV) program.

Cooperation on manufacturing processes

As part of a subsequent joint project, the participants then dealt specifically with generative manufacturing processes and achieved remarkable results. In the process, the young Czechs also got to know the MakerSpace, the workshop for developers at Hof University of Applied Sciences, as well as the extensive possibilities of 3-D printing on site

Return visit in a few weeks

After the technical program, the first day was rounded off by a guided tour of the city and a joint dinner in the Hof art department store. On the second day of the exchange, the group enjoyed a tour of the WILO plant in Hof. In a few weeks the students from Hof will leave for their return visit to Sokolov.

Rainer Krauß

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