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Graduate of Hof University: Bavarian Culture Award goes to Thea Petschek

Thea Petschek, a graduate of Hof University of Applied Sciences, was once again awarded the Bavarian Culture Prize by Bayernwerk AG. In her master’s thesis in the logistics degree program, she dealt with the question of how bulky goods can be transported reliably and cost-efficiently. The award ceremony for this took place as a hybrid format. At the Eisbach Studios in Munich, 150 guests attended the award ceremony, at which a total of 32 scientists, as well as artists, were honored.

Joy at the award ceremony in Munich: award winner Thea Petschek with Bavaria’s Minister of Science Bernd Sibler (left) and Egon Leo Westphal (Bayernwerk AG); photo: Alex Schelbert

Transporting bulky goods well

Trucks are usually loaded from behind, i.e. at the rear – so the truck’s dimensions are often a limiting factor. In particular, this applies to the width of the rear door. Long and bulky goods must therefore often be loaded from the side. This makes logistics more complicated and expensive. In her thesis, Thea Petschek shows how so-called “non-system-compliant shipments” can be handled in networks of freight forwarders. To this end, she first presents relevant scientific positions and compares them with each other. A distribution system she extended from the literature forms the basis for the practical part of the work. For this, she worked closely with the transportation purchasing department of a large company. The 25-year-old identified the weak points and challenges in the distribution of long goods shipments. In a workshop with responsible buyers, the student worked out measures to distribute and transport bulky products better and more easily

Thea Petschek was awarded the Bavarian Culture Prize for her outstanding academic achievement. In addition to the bronze statue, this includes prize money of 2,000 euros. Photo: private;

“With these packages of measures and the individual measures, we are supporting transport purchasing to continue to transport long goods reliably and cost-effectively from A to B in the future,” explains Thea Petschek.

Artists also honored

At the awards ceremony, the musician Wolfgang Buck, the visual artist Thomas Demand, the artist couple Gretel and Erwin Eisch, the church musician Reinhard Kammler and the actress Luisa Wöllisch received the Bavarian Culture Award in the arts category. The special prize of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts was presented by Minister of State Bernd Sibler to cabaret artist, actor and musician Hannes Ringlstetter.

Bavaria’s Minister of Science Bernd Sibler emphasized

Since I took office, it has been a matter close to my heart to make science and art visible in the Free State in order to support artistic and scientific talent in their work. The Bavarian Culture Award makes a valuable contribution to this as a prominent stage.”

Bernd Sibler, Minister of Science Bavaria

He added: “With this award, however, we also want to express our fundamental appreciation for the numerous artists, cultural workers and scientists throughout Bavaria. With their creativity, originality and wealth of ideas, they make the Free State more colorful, more livable and more successful. For this, my heartfelt thanks.”

Prize with tradition

The Bavarian Culture Prize is awarded by Bayernwerk together with the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. In the science category, the best university and college graduates in Bavaria are honored

With this award, we make their findings accessible to the public and value them.”

Egon Leo Westphal, Chairman of the Board of Management Bayernwerk AG

The Bavarian Culture Award goes back to the East Bavarian Culture Award, which was first presented in 1959. In the science category, it is endowed with 2,000 euros each. All award winners also receive the “Gedankenblitz”. This bronze statue was created by the Schwandorf sculptor Peter Mayer.

Science award winners from Bavarian universities:
Karthikeyan Chandra Sekaran, Ingolstadt University of Applied SciencesCornelius
Frank, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied SciencesMarvin
Goetze, Aschaffenburg University of Applied SciencesMarius
Grad, East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences RegensburgLukas
Häfner, Coburg University of Applied SciencesSarah
Haggenmüller, Neu-UlmAlexander
Huber, Munich University of Applied SciencesBettina
Jonetzko, Kempten University of Applied SciencesLuisa
Müller, Ansbach University of Applied SciencesHinnerk
Jannis Müller, Nuremberg University of Applied SciencesThea
Petschek, Hof University of Applied SciencesEnikö
Schradi, Landshut University of Applied SciencesLaura
Siehler, Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied SciencesNatalie
Stut, Rosenheim University of Applied SciencesDerya
Alina Yakaboylu, Augsburg University of Applied SciencesNiklas
Zell, East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden

Science award winners from the Bavarian art academies
Daniel Asadi Faezi, University of Television and Film MunichMaximilian
Academy of
Music NurembergDaniel
Huss, Academy of Fine Arts MunichSangyoon
Lee, University of Music WürzburgGuoxin
Tian, Academy of Fine Arts NurembergSophia
Maria Urkan, University of Music and Theatre Munich

Science award winners of the Bavarian universities
Dr. Sr. Raphaela Brüggenthies, Otto Friedrich University of BambergDr.
Dorothea Calmels, University of PassauDr.
Christina Domene Moreno, Julius Maximilian University of WürzburgDr.
Sebastian Franz, University of AugsburgDr.
Corinna Hartung, Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichDr

. Susanne Hellmuth, University of BayreuthDr.
Fabian Mooshammer, University of RegensburgDr

Barbara Reiner, Technical University of MunichDr.
Matthias Schnaubelt, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-NurembergDr


Anna Katharina Vogel, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

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