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Hochschullauf digital: Prof. Dr. Bärnreuther represented Hof University of Applied Sciences

September 20, 2020 was the International Day of University Sports (IDUS). In order to get as many students, staff and alumni of the adh member universities as possible moving in a Corona-like way on the occasion of this date, the General German University Sports Association (adh) had initiated the ‘adh-Hochschullauf digital’.

Motivated hobby runner: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Bärnreuther; Picture: private

Students, employees and alumni alike were called upon to lace up their running shoes. Within the specified time window from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., as many kilometers as possible had to be covered on foot within 60 minutes. And they had to do this both for themselves and for their own university – with the kilometers of all university members being added up.

The result could be recorded via smartwatch or running app and uploaded to the adh portal.

Since she usually runs on Sunday mornings in the forest area near Weisendorf (Erlangen-Höchstadt district) anyway, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Brigitte Bärnreuther had immediately submitted the recording of the Sunday training to the digital university run. Due to Corona, many run organizers had switched to the ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’ mode – in an effort to keep the runner community together and motivated in this way.

As the only participant from Hof University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Bärnreuther was able to place the university considerably on the results list:

-Individual participation by km: 57th out of 237 women-Individual participation by
altitude: 29th out of 237 women-University
total by km: 59th out of 70th-university total by
altitude: 45th out of 70th

More information

adh-university run digital – results and more…

Rainer Krauß
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Bärnreuther

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