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Hof University of Applied Sciences grows: Record number of international students

Hof University of Applied Sciences is more popular than ever with international students and overall student numbers are also on the rise. With – despite Corona – increased student numbers and a surprising record in the area of international students, the winter semester at Hof University started on October 1, 2020

Over 3600 students

Accordingly, a total of over 3600 students are now enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences. This represents an increase of about 2 percent compared to the previous year. “It is particularly remarkable and equally gratifying that we continue to grow significantly in the area of international students despite the adverse general conditions,” said University President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann

The new freshmen were provided with a lot of information – here the welcome folders were packed. Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

With 764 international students, Hof University of Applied Sciences reaches a new record here in the winter semester 2020/21

Record number of international students

By comparison, last year there were 604 who came to the university from abroad. “Of course, not all of our international students are always present at Hof; many also take advantage of the excellent offerings of our online teaching. However, our internationalization strategy continues to bear fruit and still contains great potential for development for the future of the university,” said the university president.

Our internationalization is progressing and still has a lot of potential!

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann

In addition to traditional courses such as business administration and business law, the Operational Excellence, Business Psychology and Software Engineering programs, as well as continuing education courses, are particularly popular this year. But another focus is also attracting attention: “With the Innovative Textiles and Textile Design courses, we are building on the traditions of our region in terms of our competencies and are constantly developing them further

Competence in textile research expanded

Both offerings are developing excellently and were recently strengthened by the opening of our new technical center focusing on textile technology and air conditioning at the Münchberg site,” says Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann. The new students at Hof University of Applied Sciences have now been welcomed to Hof as part of the first semester days.

Rainer Krauß

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