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Indian students celebrate their traditions: The “Garba Night 2022” inspires

India is a country with a huge cultural heritage. So it’s no wonder that the approximately 800 Indian students at Hof University of Applied Sciences also cultivate their traditions. Now, with the “Garba Night 2022”, a very colorful celebration took place, reminiscent of the traditional Navratri celebrations, where, among other things, the folk dance “Garba” is performed.

Indian female students performing “Garba,” a traditional folk dance; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Indian festivals usually aim to bring joy, peace and prosperity. All of this is also expressed in the Garba. The Garba is a folk dance that can often be encountered and admired at Indian festivals. It is a joyful type of dance in which bodies move from side to side in a circular rhythm and with sweeping movements. Garba performances often include singing and a musical accompaniment with the dhol, a type of double-headed drum. The comparable but slightly smaller dholak, metal cymbals, and rhythmic hand clapping are also often heard. The Garba dance is mainly practiced during the nine-day Navratri celebration, which takes place every year from September to October. Navaratri is a great festival in honor of the divine femininity.

Joy of life like at home

For the Indian students at Hof University, the “Garba Night” was of course very special, as they missed all the fun and frolic they were used to at home – not least because of the pandemic. The event was initiated by master’s students Dhanashri Deshmukh and Svetha Rochelle Charles. The event began with a “puja,” worshipping the deity Durga and seeking her blessings. The traditional Indian robes also of the audience as well as the elaborately decorated hall quickly brought smiles to the faces

Many solo performances contributed to the success of “Garba Night 2022”; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The program also included a fashion show where students displayed their traditional dresses from different Indian regions. In addition, there were several solo and group dance performances that delighted visitors.

Organizers very satisfied

With the support of the university management as well as Prof. Dr. Heike Markus and the senior master student Aditya Patole, a successful evening with fun, games, music and lots of “Garba” could be organized. About 200 students and also quite a few faculty members participated in the event

The event was a phenomenal success thanks to the overwhelming response. Hof University is not just a place of education: it’s a place where you can feel at home.”

Dhanashri Deshmukh and Svetha Rochelle Charles, organizers
A feast for the eyes: traditional Indian garb was plentiful; Image: Hof University;

At the end of the official program of Garba Night 2022, everyone gathered for more rounds of Garba and danced together for a long time.

Some more impressions (slidershow)

Rainer Krauß

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