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Engineering Colloquium 2023: Apply now with your thesis!

For the 14th time in total, the Engineering Colloquium of Hof University of Applied Sciences will take place on March 29, 2023. In an interview with “campuls-digital”, organizer Prof. Dr. Christine Falkenreck reveals why it is definitely worth applying.

The event in 2019; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Prof Falkenreck, what exactly can you imagine by the Engineering Colloqium?

“With this colloquium, the Faculty of Engineering pursues the goal of presenting the best engineering Bachelor’s and Master’s theses to a broader audience. We were therefore looking for a festive setting and a committed cooperation partner from the region, and we found one.”

Which partner is that and in what framework will this happen?

“Already since March 2015, Hof University of Applied Sciences has been awarding the best bachelor’s and master’s thesis of the Faculty of Engineering in cooperation with Raumedic AG during a ceremony. We are very pleased that the company Raumedic continues to stand by our side as a strong partner. We complement the program with a popular science lecture by an innovative startup and an inviting buffet, which is of course free of charge for all visitors of the engineering colloquium. Through the Engineering Colloquium, we would like to bring students, representatives of industry and university members, but also external guests, into conversation with each other in a nice setting.”

The announcement for the 14th Engineering Colloquium; Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

So the event already has a small tradition, but was certainly also affected by the pandemic..

“That’s unfortunately true, we had to take a break the last two years, so we are especially looking forward to the 14th Engineering Colloquium

Our students invest a lot of time and give their best for a successful thesis. That’s why it’s easy to apply for the award with this final thesis!”

Prof. Dr. Christine Falkenreck

For our students, the award ceremony has already been an important event for many years and is often requested at the beginning of the semester. We are very happy that the event can take place again on March 29, 2023 and that our students can already apply.”

Prof. Dr. Christine Falkenreck; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

You mention it: How can one apply for this?

“Application is open to graduates with an engineering degree from the Faculty of Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Students with their final thesis from the summer semester 2022 and the winter semester 2022/2023 can apply for the engineering colloquium. The application is possible for both Bachelor students and Master students. A special feature of the award is that, due to the award procedure, papers with a blocking notice can also be considered. The application is possible from now until 31.01.2023

The application form can be downloaded at https://www.raumedic.com/award and then filled out and sent by e-mail to ingenieurkolloquium@hof-university.de.”

How is it decided who wins the award?

“Several factors play a role in the evaluation of the final theses: the assessment by the supervising professor, the relevance of the work to science and industrial practice, and – albeit to a small percentage – the overall study grade.”

What prizes and awards beckon?

“Applying for the Raumedic Award is a great opportunity for our engineering students. Applying for the award is not only worthwhile in view of the prize money of € 1,000 for the first place winner, € 200 for the second place (each Bachelor and Master) and € 100 for the third place (each Bachelor and Master). During the event, students can also establish direct contact with the Raumedic company and discuss their future career opportunities. Raumedic AG is a partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry and already employs a large number of graduates from Hof University of Applied Sciences. Writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is the crowning achievement of your studies. All our students strive to complete their studies with a thesis that is as successful as possible.

By awarding the Raumedic Prize at the Engineering Colloquium, we would like to honor this effort once again and further spur on the ambition of our students. By applying for the engineering colloquium, a very good final thesis thus pays off several times over for students with engineering degrees.”

Rainer Krauß

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