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International Girls’ Day 2021 with two workshops: Online, but very close!

On Thursday the 22.04.21 the nationwide Girls Day took place at the Hof University of Applied Sciences, in which the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research (ibp) as well as the “Maker Space” participated. In the “Plastics Recycling” workshop, the recycling cycle of various plastics was explained in more detail based on the production of shopping chips. The individual steps of recycling after collection from the waste garbage can (steps 1 and 2) were discussed.

Source: https://www.medewo.com/blog/de/loesungen/recycling-kunststoff/

To make the whole thing more vivid, plastic parts could be shredded in a shredder (step 3) and then regranulated. The granules were then used to produce shopping chips in an injection molding machine.

Lab engineers Martin Thoß and Alexander Dietrich with the finished
Shopping chips; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Another workshop was offered by the Makerspace, which opened this year. The tinkerers and developers workshop at Hof University personalized cell phone holders made of plywood and acrylic with the girls. All of the products made that day were sent home to the participants upon request.

Online, participants were able to follow each step of the production process;
Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The aim of International Girls’ Day is to give schoolgirls an insight into occupational fields that girls usually only rarely consider when choosing a career. On this day, they experience how exciting scientific, technical and technology-related professions are. Interested girls from the 5th to 9th grade could participate.

Bastian Scharfe
Alexander Dietrich

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