From Hawaii to Hof, Germany – an american visit to the ibp

Veronica Cunitz, an American exchange student, has been a guest at the Institute for Circular Economy of Bio:Polymers (ibp) for the past 10 weeks. In Hof she worked on projects together with Dr. Mirko Rennert and Benedikt Hiller. "Campuls-digital" spoke to her about her impressions. [more]

published: 19.07.2023

More attention for bioplastics – The K trade fair makes it possible!

For three years it did not take place due to corona, but now the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research of Hof University of Applied Sciences (ibp) was finally able to participate as an exhibitor at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf. With more than 3000 exhibitors, it is one of the leading trade fairs in the field of plastics and rubber industry [more]

published: 09.11.2022

Lively exchange of young researchers at Hof University of Applied Sciences

The aim of the 2nd Institute Colloquium between the approximately 70 participating scientists was to improve networking and to promote scientific exchange among each other. Thus, not only the interdisciplinary cohesion should be strengthened, but also cross-institutional discussions should take place [more]

published: 28.09.2021

Ibp expands research capacities: New recycling plant goes into operation

With the commissioning of a new plastics recycling plant, the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research (ibp) at Hof University of Applied Sciences gains a facility that supports the university's mission statement with regard to intelligent resource use and the guiding principle of a Green Tech University [more]

published: 09.08.2021

“EISBiR” aims to research environmentally friendly plastic products from biowaste

Will there soon be packaging with organic waste in the supermarket? Quite possible! At the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research at Hof University of Applied Sciences (ibp), headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Nase, a group of young researchers wants to investigate the influence of natural radiation and biogenic residues on the properties and structure of biopolymers [more]

published: 04.03.2021