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Register now: Digital Summit for Public Administrations at iisys

From June 27-28, the Digital Summit on the topic of “Data structures and processes are the core of the administration of the future” will take place at the Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences (iisys). Organizer Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche provides information on the contents and objectives.

Prof. Meuche, what progress is the topic of digitization in administration making in your eyes?

“That varies quite a bit by nature, but in general you can say that there is slowly some movement on the issue, but the necessary structural changes are still not apparent at the moment.”

So where exactly is the shoe pinching – that is, what specific inhibition thresholds exist in the administrative structures?

“The problems lie in the deeper understanding of data structures and processes, as well as in the willingness to tackle these topics quite fundamentally. Because this requires a departure from well-worn paths. We have to think about things from the perspective of the stakeholders, because that’s who the administration is there for – or at least that’s who it should be there for!”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche, head of the Digital Administration Competence Center at
Hof University of Applied Sciences; photo: private;

What is the goal of the planned digital summit on 27/27/6?

“These are precisely the topics that the Digital Summit addresses. It is about how changed data structures can increase the efficiency and quality of processes. The keyword here is register modernization. And to this end, we have invited experts from federal and state ministries, local authorities and federal agencies. We want to discuss the various possibilities and obstacles with them. In this context, the Competence Center Digital Administration at Hof University of Applied Sciences will also present the digital twin of a federal cloud to show by practical example what standardization can achieve in terms of process improvements.”

That sounds exciting – who is the event aimed at and who can participate?

“Interested executives and employees from public administration and related areas such as church administrations can participate.”

How does the program line up?

“We invite you to a day entirely dedicated to digital administration and offer outstanding speakers with exciting presentations, e.g. on the implementation possibilities of the Register Modernization Act, data structures, digital transformation, continuing education and much more. Among others, we expect the following as speakers

  • Jasmin Deling, Head of the Digitalization Unit, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia;
  • Michael Diener, Information Security Officer, City of Regensburg;
  • Dr. Brigitte Klamroth, State Chancellery of Hamburg;
  • Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport;
  • Dr. Katrin Leonhardt, Chairwoman of the Board of Sächsische Aufbaubank;
  • Michael Lipaczewski, Federal Office of Administration, Head of Unit Register Modernization;
  • Frank Lichnok, digital pilot of the Saxon Association of Towns and Municipalities;
  • Prof. Thomas Popp, Head of Office of the Saxon State Chancellery and CIO of the State of Saxony;
  • Andreas Schneider, Head of Online Services, City of Nuremberg.

The exact program and schedule can be found on the website of the Competence Center Digital Administration. If you are interested, you can also register here in just a few steps. The conference will take place at Hof University of Applied Sciences, but can also be followed online free of charge after registration.”

Many thanks and good luck!

Rainer Krauß

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