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New at Hof University – welcome to Bavaria at the top!

With the start of the summer semester 2022, the following teachers have also begun their professorship at Hof University of Applied Sciences. We warmly welcome:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Huch

The native of Halberstadt (Saxony-Anhalt) is 45 years old and currently lives in Leipzig. After studying economics at the University of Leipzig, his first professional stop was a start-up company in San Francisco. After one and a half years, Huch moved to HSH Nordbank as a trainee and learned about digitalization in banking and project management. in 2007, he took over consulting global companies in the area of digitalization and project management in an international strategy and management consulting firm, where he earned his doctorate in 2012 during a sabbatical at the University of Leipzig.

Since March 15, Huch has been Professor of International Management, Digitalization of Business Processes and Project Management at Hof University of Applied Sciences. His focus here is particularly on the learning fields of international business management, FinTechs and innovations, business management, trade logistics as well as e-business in industry, international strategy consultancies and in the digital business of a start-up.

“What excites me most about my department is the mix of IT and business and the influence of constantly changing market conditions,” says Prof. Dr. Stefan Huch. And further:

For my time at Hof University of Applied Sciences, I would like to see motivated students who take the content with fun and some passion for the subject and transfer it into practice.”

Prof. Dr. Stefan Huch

Huch chose Hof University of Applied Sciences in particular because of its international orientation, the transfer of responsibility, the encouragement of personal commitment and the high level of practical relevance.

Prof. Dr. Huch does not yet have a favorite place in the region. However, as he is a passionate runner, skier and rim skier, the Franconian Forest and the Fichtel Mountains offer the perfect conditions for him. However, when he wants to take it a little easier in his free time, he likes to relax with a glass of wine over a game of chess.

Prof. Dr. Heiko Hegwein

Heiko Hegwein, 48, was born and raised in Lower Franconia, more precisely in Würzburg, where he now lives again after several professional stations. After studying business administration with a focus on auditing and trusteeship, financing/banking and economic policy, he earned a part-time doctorate at the Chair of Auditing at the Bavarian Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg. Since March 15, he has held the professorship for marketing and e-commerce at Hof University of Applied Sciences, a field in which Hegwein brings many years of professional experience. He played a key role in the founding and development of the Lidl online store and has built up various e-commerce business models for Lidl. As divisional director for e-commerce/digitalization at the Lidl Group, he was later responsible for the digitalization strategy. Hegwein also led the establishment of an e-commerce business unit and the digital transformation of TAKKT Group – a listed B2B omnichannel retail group – as a member of the Management Board and Chief Digital Officer. Since October 2020, he has been co-founder of Procommerce Group, which invests in and operates online shopping business models.

“E-commerce and marketing have changed rapidly over the last 20 years due to the development of digital technologies, media and new business models and will continue to develop dynamically in the future,” says Prof. Dr. Heiko Hegwein. And further:

Above all, I’m excited about the business relevance, because e-commerce is the sales channel with the greatest growth opportunities for many companies.”

Prof. Dr. Heiko Hegwein

Hegwein would like to pass on his broad expertise to his students, get them excited about entrepreneurship and support them in the eventual founding of a company:

Successfully building your own e-commerce startup has become relatively easy with the right technical skills, and the entrepreneurial shaping task is incredibly educational and exciting.”

Prof. Dr. Heiko Hegwein

The promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation at Hof University of Applied Sciences, for example through the digital startup center Einstein1, the Start-up Lab, or the new master’s program Digitalization and Innovation, ultimately reinforced his decision to take the job, as did the competent and pragmatic team of professors.

You can clearly see Prof. Dr. Hegwein’s enthusiasm for his field, but his greatest hobby is and remains his family, followed by entrepreneurial activities. Even if this often means that sports are neglected, Hegwein tries to make room for a short workout at least twice a week

Franziska Brömel

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