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New for our freshmen: The “Welcome-Party” of the City of Hof!

For the first time, the city of Hof is organizing an evening party this year to welcome our new students of the winter semester 2023/24 to their study city. Of course, the newcomers from our neighboring university, the University of Public Service in Bavaria (HfÖD AIV), are also invited to the Hof Theater. The managing director of the city marketing Hof, Carsten Reichel, supplies you in addition in the discussion with “campuls-digital” all necessary information!

The theater Hof at the Kulmbacher road – here the Erstsemesterparty for the two Hof university takes place; Picture: SFF Fotodesign/Theater Hof;

Mr. Reichel, why is the city of Hof hosting a welcome party this year?

“A good welcome culture is very important to us. We at the City of Hof are happy to welcome 1,500 new students every year and want to make their arrival as pleasant as possible. What could be more natural than to welcome the students with a welcome party and give them some really useful information about the city of Hof right away?”

The venue is the Hof Theater. What is the best way to get there?

“Our Hof Theater is virtually impossible to miss. It is located directly opposite the Freiheitshalle, where many events and concerts take place. Behind the Freiheitshalle in the parking lot, the Hof Folk Festival always takes place at the end of July – which is another valuable local knowledge for the new students.

Source: Hof City Marketing;

For our welcome party, shuttle buses are organized to take the students to the theater after the introduction day, starting at 5:00 pm. Of course, the route is also easily possible on foot (about 20 minutes), by bike or by public transport.”

What can new first-year students expect on site?

“In addition to a small snack – also for vegetarians, of course – and good drinks, the Ravers Nature DJ team will be there, who have already brought Mayday and other big events to a boil. So hopefully nothing will stand in the way of a happy evening starting at 5:30 p.m.”

This time, as mentioned, the new students of our neighboring university, the University of Public Service in Bavaria (HföD), should also be there…

“Of course, we would like to welcome the students of our two universities. So it makes sense to do a joint event. After all, it is important for all students to arrive well at the beginning of the semester and make initial contacts.”

Carsten Reichel is looking forward to the first Welcome Party of the city of Hof for
First-year students at the Hof Theater; Photo: City of Hof;

How important are students in general as a target group for Hof’s city marketing?

“The students are close to the city’s heart. After all, they will be living here in our city for years to come. They should quickly feel at home and enjoy being in the city. It’s much better to study in a pleasant environment.”

In a nutshell, what is your message to the newcomers?

“Welcome to Hof, welcome to our two universities. Hof is a homey city, with short distances and people who love their city. We want to pass that on to the students. And who knows, maybe a few students will stay in our city after their time at the universities. But today we’re celebrating first!”

Rainer Krauß

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