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A premiere: an open New Year’s lecture at Hof University for the first time

Hof University of Applied Sciences invites you to a New Year’s Lecture for the first time on Wednesday, 31.01.2024. Carsten Stark, Professor of Economic and Organizational Sociology, will give an entertaining introduction to the new year from 7.15 pm and talk about the topic “Civil religiosity in liberal societies?”.

Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Behind the title lies the question of whether modern societies can manage without religion. He will discuss how necessary the religious component of a political culture is for a democratic community to function. In the 90-minute lecture, the science fiction series Star Trek serves as an example, which has been causing a sensation among fans, the so-called “Trekkies”, for decades, with ever new episodes and films.

Star Trek is a series for technology enthusiasts and progressive elites. These people tend to view religion from a rational, critical perspective. In doing so, they misjudge their own religiosity and replace it with their own symbols of irrational orientation. This can be wonderfully demonstrated using individual film sequences, music excerpts, texts, etc.”

Prof. Dr. Carsten Stark

The event in the Audimax (room B023) is free of charge. The lecture will be followed by a get-together for visitors in the university’s B-Foyer.


Rainer Krauß

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