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Prof. Rauch is the new President of the Association of German Textile Experts

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch from the Hof University of Applied Sciences is now the head of the Association of German Textile Experts VDTF e.V. with more than 800 members nationwide. This is the result of the recently held new elections. The scientist heads the “Sustainable Textiles” course of study at the university’s Münchberg site and is in charge of the textile finishing process technology teaching area. He is a long-standing board member of the VDTF Bavaria North regional group and treasurer of the International Federation of Associations of Textile Chemists and Colorists IFATCC(www.ifatcc.org).

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch is looking forward to his new task; Photo: private

The VDTF e.V. has a long tradition and resulted from the merger of the “Verein deutscher Färber e.V.” (VDF), founded in 1890, and the “Verein Deutscher Textilchemiker und Coloristen e.V.” (VTCC), founded in 1948. The VDTF is the largest association of textile specialists in Europe.

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Rainer Krauß

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